Monday, January 28, 2008

snow pile

i had the wierdest dream last night. i had a dream that my whole family was at some knid of a graduation party for my cute cousin meghan. it was really nice to se everyone but i kept thinking "didn't she graduate like 5 years ago.....?"

it has been snowing like crazy. up where we live, the snow never completely melts, it just keeps piling higher every time there is a snow storm. and out neightbor hood is the last one in town to get plowed by the city. and it's usually not until after one of the neighbors has already plowed. last week at like 2am i woke up to the city plower scraping like an inch of snow off of the road. it was rediculous.

it started snowing saturday morning and didn't stop until late last night. when we woke up sunday, merv shoveled the driveway but i still couldn't get the car past our house because the snow in the road was up to our car doors (see that picture of the truck, how the snow is so high). the snow bank along the drive way was is as high as me. i decided i wasn't going to drive anyway where but later last night we wanted to go get some movies since school and work and every thing else had been canceled. we were just going to be brave and plow through it with mervs truck. i think he really wanted to go drive in it. the roads weren't so bad with snow once we got off of the hill and out of our neighborhood, just super icy and slick. cody thinks it's terriffic and just wants to sit and build snow castles in it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

lightning clean

most of the time i feel like my house is pretty clean, until the appraisal guy calls at 6pm and says "good news! i've got an appointment that just opened tomorrow! how does 11:00am work for you?!" ... this is good news, but i was thinking i had like a week until he called so i've been scrambing like crazy tonight (merv siad i was doing a "lightning clean", thats what his dad use to call it) trying to get my house straightened up and realized what a mess it really is. gosh, do other people notice this gross-ness when they come over that we seem to get use to living with? eeeewwww.... like when you do the deep clean and find crap you've been missing forever and the random christmas decorations here and there that some how got missed. it does feel good to have the house all clean and shiny. once i get in the groove of cleaning i can't stop until it's all perfect. (and ipods are the perfect tool for cleaning too!) it's super satisfyling to go through stuff that gets pushed aside and sort everything out, and make goodwill piles. now i just have to keep cody out of everything until after the appraisal. no dirty dishes, no legos all over the living room, no messing up the couch cushions. does this make any sense? it's 1:30am and i'm super duper tired..... :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

am i a freak of nature?

**i'm really sorry if i offend anyone that actually likes this book, or if i ruin the story i f you haven't read it**
i did not. I feel like the only female on the planet who isn't infatuated with the hero: edward cullen and his God-like perfection. i bought this book because I believed all the hype. (my sister corinne LOVED it. she said she read all 3 in like 2 weeks or something, arah said it was a little cheesy and i don't think kami has read it yet) actually i had merv buy the series for me for christmas because everyone raved about it. so, i wanted to like this book. I REALLY did. i like vampire stories and (zombie stories & scary stories too).

i know its a young adult novel, but i just thought it was boring. it goes on and on and on and on and on, day after day after day...I don't get why it's so important to tell us EVERY SINGLE CLASS that Bella goes to at school, for months on end, especially if it's totally irrelevant to the storyline. we get to hear what she eats and when, what she does for homework, exactly how well she slept each night, and so on, every day. And it's almost never interesting facts that are relevant. it takes FOREVER to finally get to the good part which is only about the last 1/5 of the book.

and what was up with her clumsiness? unless she has some sort of medical disorder, the only reason for it seems to be to set up scenarios for her to be rescued. no one is ever that conveniently clumsy in the real world, not unless it's an act to get attention. she's so clumsy that you figure she probably has an inner ear problem. she's constantly miserable and overdramatic.
and whats with all of the sappiness? endless discriptions of edward , how attractive and charming with "amber eyes and full lips" over and over and over. and how all they ever do is "stare" or"glare" at each other. i think it took up about 200 of the 500 pages.

i guess i was just expecting a lot more.

the only character i ever liked was jacob. and i liked the scene in the forest too.
i've heard there are a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes also but I did not notice them so i can't comment on them. i'm the queen of typos myself.

i'm trying to decide if i should read the other 2 or not. so are they better? is there some twist in the plot or does bella at least become a vampire too?

i've heard about another vampire series called "the uglies trilogy". it's suppose to be good. i think i'll check it out.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

killer turtle

we've been talking about getting a dog for quite a while. i want a little black pug, but merv wants a big, huge-crapping, hairy dog and i don't think cody cares what we get. just as long as its a dog. i want to wait until our back deck is finished so its easier to get into the back yard. i've heard that pugs are kind of high maintenace too though. anyway, it's been really cold and dreary here so yesterday i took cody and brinley to a couple of pet stores to look at dogs. they had this huge tortoise there and the door of his little cage was open so you could touch him. poor brinley was perified that he was going to get her. it was cute. she thought for sure it was after us. even thought the thing was moving at the speed of a snail, (or a turtle i guess). but as soon as the kids both saw these little mice, they were way more intrigued by them than the doggies there. they liked how they exercised on the wheel. i've got to say- i've always thought that they are pretty cute, but i can't handle little rodents living in the house. they escape. my sister kami always had little critters and i remember more than once waking up in the middle of the night with a hamster crawling on me. yuck! freaky!

little fishies

codys been bugging me to take him swimming for a while now, so we finally went on friday night. brinley and arah came too, but i couldn't convince arah to jump in the pool with us. i had cody in swim lessons last fall, but he refused to dip his head in the water so they were not at all useful. see, ever since he poked his eardrum out with a q-tip when he was about 24 months old, he has been very very carful with anything being near his ears. (ouch! long story....) i decided that he needed to at least be able to do that before i put him i lessons again, so we practiced i finally conviced him to dunk his head. he was so proud of himself once he was over the fear of doing it. we practiced kicks too. brinley wasn't quite so sure. we'll keep practicing. but that water is so gross!! i thought my eyeballs would burn out. i prefer lakes and rivers to the puplic urinal, but we don't have much of a choice when its 12 degrees out.

Friday, January 18, 2008


i'm trying to get a few new models for my little vintage store. i posted an ad on craigs list about 6 months ago, and it was a huge success! i received like 100 replies and tons of cute, usable girls. they all gave me the exact info i was looking for, just like filling out an application to apply for a job. i was able to simply sort through them and choose the ones that would work best. easy as pie. well, i need more models now, so i posted a 2nd ad a few days ago and i swear 2 out of 3 are total morons who didn't even follow the simple instructions. all i asked for were measurements, a head shot and a full body shot and some other totally basic info. some of them are sending me on round about ways to their myspace page or their friends monkeys uncles myspace page, blah, blah, blah. i can't stand myspace(no offense if you have one i use one for my business as well), so that's really irritating. whats funny is i posted the exact same ad as before. i didn't change anything. so i can't figure out what the problem is here. i'm sitting here thinking "gee, if i really wanting to get this job, i think i'd exactly what this ad says. that should really give me a pretty good shot at the job!!" are people really getting this much stupider? i just want to get a few more like alesya here. she's easliy my favorite because she always does such a good. i think i'm just really cranky right now and tired of opening these really bad emails....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sneaky pumpkin hog from shady lane

cody HATES chocolate, accept tootsie rolls. he says those aren't chocolate. any time i bake some kind of a treat, which is pretty rare for me, i try to make something without chocolate for him. or if i buy those tubes of choclate chip cookies at the store, since my "homemade" cookies are more like dry nasty little dog buscuits, i pick the chocolate out of his. so, tonight since we were having a sleep over with brinley, i decided to pretend to be martha stewart and make this pumpkin cream cheese thing. cause if theres one thinkg cody loves, its pumpkin anything. i think pumpkin pie is about one of his favorite foods EVER. (we once had a can of pumpkin in our cupboard once and it had a picture of a pumpkin pie on it. he asked if he could eat it. he thought if he opened it, there would actually be a pie i there, ready-to-go). anyway, cody LOVED this pumpkin cream cheese thing! brinley thought it was pretty good to. later on after they finished eating and playing , i had them laid down to watch a movie. i was in the bathroom washing my face and i heard something in the kitchen rustling around. so i looked, and there was cody sitting on the counter in the dark scarfing the rest of the stuff down straight out of the pan. he doesn't usually do things like this. he's not a huge eater so it was so funny to catch him being sneaky with food. i don't even know if he was trying to sneak, i think he was just laying there thinking about the rest of his pumpkin delight on the counter and couldn't resist. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cody logic

cody playing with toy cash register:
cody: mama what would you like to buy?
mama: how about 3 pounds of grapes?
cody: mama, this is home depot we don’t have grapes.

Monday, January 14, 2008

oil chat

i was helping merv do a little "research" writing a paper for a class he's taking and found this: i ended up reading the whole thing until about 3 in the am. it's basically about the high cost of fuel in great detail. i guess just another example of why we should be prepared. something my mother has been adament about my whole life. i'm not trying to be all doom n' gloom, but it is SUPER interesting once you get past the first few paragraphs.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


i had one of those life-like bad dream last night. the kind where you wake up and go"crap! i am so glad that was just a dream!". i had a dream that we were putting cody into a 2nd year of kindergarten. it was the first day of school and we were meeting his teacher for the first time. the school looked all different than it really is (that always happens in dreams, where your thinking: " i swear this is suppose to look different. i don't remember it being like this.") anyway, i went to meet his teacher and found out that she was this horrible mean old greasy haired lady. she was loud and wore moomoos. i was nervous to send him to class. while he was gone, i remember all of the consequences racing through my mind of the effects it could have on the rest of his life to have a bad kindregarten teacher. so i ran around the school the rest of the day trying to get him in his real-life teachers class, mrs. courchaine. i probably had the dream because we(i) have been having this dilemma about sending him for a 2nd year of kindergarten. i hesitated putting him in this year because he is so young. his birthday is july 2nd so he is pretty much the 5 year old baby of the class. some other kids were even 6 already. then i think of what it will be like when he is in 7th, 8th, 9th grade and going through puberty last. i was the youngest too, with a july birthday. and merv and i were both way late bloomers. but his teacher says he is super smart and definitely ready for 1st grade. maybe the dream was just a reassurance. i am so thankful he has such a good school and a really great teacher.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

if you like FREE jeans...

if you are familiar with ali edwards (the famous scrapbooking/journaling guru) this is her sister and she has cool giveaways on her blog. right now you can enter to win free jeans!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

happy birthday arah

there is nothing quite like a sister.
i love you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

brown haired girl

so, i went in to get my light blonde hair trimmed and my roots colored and i ended up leaving with dark brown hair (dark to me). my neice came to visit at christmas with dark hair and i loved it on her so it didn't take much for my stylist to convice me to try it. afterwards, i went to meet my mom & marcie (jareds fiance) at the wedding gown boutique and when i walked in, i thought my mom might puke. needless to say she did NOT like it. i could tell from her expression alone. i told her that she just needs to get use to seeing it, and then she might like it. cody told me, " your black hair is pretty mama!" and merv said he loved it as long as it was attached to me. i think i like it too. i've never had dark hair. (accept the time the stylist decided to give me this hideous skunk do....) i tried to get cody to help me get a picture, but he was being silly so we posed together and i tried to create a 360 view.

in 2008 i'll try to....

in no particular order

*start a blog- check

*call my sister corinne every week

*send a birthday card to every family member

*play risk more

*go through grandparents photos, and then put
some up around the house

*rebuild back deck before it falls off house

*finish basement living room

*have baby brother/sister for cody

*learn to play more on guitar. at least 2 songs: you are my sunshine & country roads(perfect for campouts and beach singalongs)

*paint inside of house

*continue exercise routine and incorporate more pilates/yoga

*more scrapbooking

*get cody a dog

*take cody camping- A LOT!

*take cody to the imax

*get cody a really tall bunk bed (all kids should have the experience at least once)

*run bloomsday again and beat past times

*do a triathalon or a mini marathon

*ride hiawatha bike trail in montana (or is it in idaho?)

*cook dinner at least 4x's a week

*cut out caffeine

*forgive others and get past guilt

*be a good, kind & understanding mama to cody

*be sweet to merv

*set up some kind of schedule for life; work play. (& stick to it)

*put cody in swimming & soccer

*take cody rock climbing more.

*more snowboarding

*get bigger fire safe!! (after watching neighbors house burn down, i realize i am not prepared)

.....i figure if i have a REALLY big list, then i'll feel better when i can cross off more things. :)