Monday, January 21, 2008

am i a freak of nature?

**i'm really sorry if i offend anyone that actually likes this book, or if i ruin the story i f you haven't read it**
i did not. I feel like the only female on the planet who isn't infatuated with the hero: edward cullen and his God-like perfection. i bought this book because I believed all the hype. (my sister corinne LOVED it. she said she read all 3 in like 2 weeks or something, arah said it was a little cheesy and i don't think kami has read it yet) actually i had merv buy the series for me for christmas because everyone raved about it. so, i wanted to like this book. I REALLY did. i like vampire stories and (zombie stories & scary stories too).

i know its a young adult novel, but i just thought it was boring. it goes on and on and on and on and on, day after day after day...I don't get why it's so important to tell us EVERY SINGLE CLASS that Bella goes to at school, for months on end, especially if it's totally irrelevant to the storyline. we get to hear what she eats and when, what she does for homework, exactly how well she slept each night, and so on, every day. And it's almost never interesting facts that are relevant. it takes FOREVER to finally get to the good part which is only about the last 1/5 of the book.

and what was up with her clumsiness? unless she has some sort of medical disorder, the only reason for it seems to be to set up scenarios for her to be rescued. no one is ever that conveniently clumsy in the real world, not unless it's an act to get attention. she's so clumsy that you figure she probably has an inner ear problem. she's constantly miserable and overdramatic.
and whats with all of the sappiness? endless discriptions of edward , how attractive and charming with "amber eyes and full lips" over and over and over. and how all they ever do is "stare" or"glare" at each other. i think it took up about 200 of the 500 pages.

i guess i was just expecting a lot more.

the only character i ever liked was jacob. and i liked the scene in the forest too.
i've heard there are a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes also but I did not notice them so i can't comment on them. i'm the queen of typos myself.

i'm trying to decide if i should read the other 2 or not. so are they better? is there some twist in the plot or does bella at least become a vampire too?

i've heard about another vampire series called "the uglies trilogy". it's suppose to be good. i think i'll check it out.


Calls said...

I did read the first book in one day, mostly because I was sick with the flu and didn't have anything else to do. I had to wait to start the second one because I had to order it. So far, it is ok. I really like vampire stories so I think I will stick with them to the end. That show on Friday nights called "Moonlight" is pretty darn good about a vampire. I appreciated your review...

Hope Taft said...

I guess I can't say "I don't like these books" because I haven't read them. I, too, have also heard from friends, relatives, complete strangers how FABULOUS these books are, but to be honest, I just can't get myself interested enough in them to give them a shot. I know people say I shouldn't let the fact that there is a vampire turn me off, but it does. It turns me WAY off, because that is so not my thing. It's great these books have brought happy days to so many people...I'm just not interested right now in being one of them. Maybe someday...

Alison said...

Okay so I didn't read the entire post because I havent decided if in fact I will read them or not. I too have heard from everyone they are wonderful but can't get behind the idea; not my idea of a good read, I guess. I may get bored enough to do it, though; I've been reading a lot lately.... so we'll see! ;)

Arah said...

HAHAHA...oh Julie, you need to let my friend Janet know how you feel, she would agree with everything you just said. I believe I read them all because they were a quick easy read and I had nothing to do at the time but deal with everything going on in my life with Olivia. Ummm...I liked the 2nd and 3rd books better, and I actually like Jacob more than Edward also. I can't imagine cuddling up to a "statue" (that is what I pictured in my head every time it was mentioned). If your not going to finish them, i will tell you how it turns out, there is a fourth book coming out.
They are also making a movie out of these books, should be out this Summer. Maybe the movie will be a little more interesting.

janet said...

so refreshing to hear that someone else finds these books completely LAME. There are probably only a few other girls on the planet who doesn't like them and I am at the top of the list. I actually read half of the second but just couldn't bring myself to waste another minute on them!! WHAT is the obsession about?? And why is anyone older than 12 liking these books? I honestly felt like I was reading a poorly written script to a bad soap opera. It is such a shallow love story-- and I wouldn't care how hot my boyfriend was... he's as cold as an ice cube and secretly wants to kill me. anyway, great post. great opinion. we should be friends.

and from what i hear, the story with jacob gets better... but I don't see how because they are fighting over a stupid girl. let me know if you finish the series because I won't be.

Rocia said...

So, I was annoyed with the first book and the "greek god" nonsense that wouldn't quit with Edward. The second book had more vampire scariness in it and the third book is by far the best. I have to admit though, I did feel dumber after reading them and I really liked Jacob too. Try reading them again in a snow storm when you can't leave the house.

Marnie said...

Yes it is pretty cheesy. I liked them. But I had to laugh at your comments because they are true. My favorite was Jacob too-secretly; he is why I wanted to read the other two books. The third one leads you on with the hope of Jacob winning her over, but the end is a disappointment for his character. But I will revert myself back to junior high age and read the last one when it comes out this fall. I will keep my fingers crossed for Jacob. The author has a website-I guess it is going to be made into a movie.


Spencer said...

maybe not a freak of nature, but studies show that there is a 95% chance that you're not actually a female. The good news is that vampires are for babies, so at least you're not one of those.

Risawn said...

Guess what! I read it, yes Corinne talked me into buying the first book so I picked it up and gave it a shot.

I think I was bored at the time because no school and work, I was just waiting to go to BNCOC so it filled my time.

I thought it was ok, nothing totally incredible, but I like how its a clean love story.

Let's just say its nothing I would write. Not enough torture.