Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cody logic

cody playing with toy cash register:
cody: mama what would you like to buy?
mama: how about 3 pounds of grapes?
cody: mama, this is home depot we don’t have grapes.


birdeeb said...

LOL! That is so cute! Kids are so random & yet so awesome!! haha

Arah said...

gee- i wonder where Merv takes him when they have a day out? no 'girl stuff' for them.

Marnie said...

Hey I found your blog listed at the bottom of Kami's. I was going to ask her if you had one-but now I know. I think my Chloe might have a thing for your Cody; she seemed to really like this picture of him. I almost got those boots for Fae and the cat ones for Chloe, cute.


Allison said...

hey I just thought i would start trying to see if anyone I knew had a blog and you do! cool. Cody is right. you should have known that. thanks for the christmas card, maybe next year we will be on top of that too. -Spencer