Sunday, January 13, 2008


i had one of those life-like bad dream last night. the kind where you wake up and go"crap! i am so glad that was just a dream!". i had a dream that we were putting cody into a 2nd year of kindergarten. it was the first day of school and we were meeting his teacher for the first time. the school looked all different than it really is (that always happens in dreams, where your thinking: " i swear this is suppose to look different. i don't remember it being like this.") anyway, i went to meet his teacher and found out that she was this horrible mean old greasy haired lady. she was loud and wore moomoos. i was nervous to send him to class. while he was gone, i remember all of the consequences racing through my mind of the effects it could have on the rest of his life to have a bad kindregarten teacher. so i ran around the school the rest of the day trying to get him in his real-life teachers class, mrs. courchaine. i probably had the dream because we(i) have been having this dilemma about sending him for a 2nd year of kindergarten. i hesitated putting him in this year because he is so young. his birthday is july 2nd so he is pretty much the 5 year old baby of the class. some other kids were even 6 already. then i think of what it will be like when he is in 7th, 8th, 9th grade and going through puberty last. i was the youngest too, with a july birthday. and merv and i were both way late bloomers. but his teacher says he is super smart and definitely ready for 1st grade. maybe the dream was just a reassurance. i am so thankful he has such a good school and a really great teacher.


Marisa said...

Hey Julie,
I don't know Cody, but it sounds like he has the maturity and intelligence to move on, especially if the teacher is telling you he is ready. My husband and I both have August and September birthdays and were always some of the youngest, and neither of us ever felt like we were behind or way younger than the rest of our peers. I definitely would never judge anyone who does decide to hold their children back, but I think you are making a good choice. Hope that helps! And by the way your little family is really cute!
Love ya,

Arah said...

Cody is such a smart kid! He knows everything about trains and can draw way better than I can...He'll do good in 1st grade. You never know, maybe he isn't going to be the late bloomer.

The Cobabes said...

Hey cuz, your blog is super cute. I love your hair, but being blonde myself I am partial to the lighter hues. I remember being worried about Preston going into k-garten with an August b-day but that hasn't seemed to be an issue. If he needs to be held back the next year I would just do it sooner than later. Anyway add me to your blog links so we can stay updated. I am prego bytheway, due July 20th and hoping for a little girl. Shevaun just had her 1st, a girl. Her blog is on my blog, so you can see pics. Love you!

Rocia said...

i love your blog! i wish so bad that your family lived closer. let's plan another reunion PRONTO!

birdeeb said...

Hey if he is smart enough like the teacher says (and I am sure he is smart...) Just let him move on. I have an August birthday (like a week before school starts) and I was held back in 4th grade. I was upset at the time, but now that I am older I look back & realize that I was with a group of people that were more my age & mentality. So in the long run I was glad I was held back. Just ask him what he thinks. (of course sometimes the parents have to make the crappy decision if it comes to that...)