Monday, January 28, 2008

snow pile

i had the wierdest dream last night. i had a dream that my whole family was at some knid of a graduation party for my cute cousin meghan. it was really nice to se everyone but i kept thinking "didn't she graduate like 5 years ago.....?"

it has been snowing like crazy. up where we live, the snow never completely melts, it just keeps piling higher every time there is a snow storm. and out neightbor hood is the last one in town to get plowed by the city. and it's usually not until after one of the neighbors has already plowed. last week at like 2am i woke up to the city plower scraping like an inch of snow off of the road. it was rediculous.

it started snowing saturday morning and didn't stop until late last night. when we woke up sunday, merv shoveled the driveway but i still couldn't get the car past our house because the snow in the road was up to our car doors (see that picture of the truck, how the snow is so high). the snow bank along the drive way was is as high as me. i decided i wasn't going to drive anyway where but later last night we wanted to go get some movies since school and work and every thing else had been canceled. we were just going to be brave and plow through it with mervs truck. i think he really wanted to go drive in it. the roads weren't so bad with snow once we got off of the hill and out of our neighborhood, just super icy and slick. cody thinks it's terriffic and just wants to sit and build snow castles in it.


Anonymous said...

Cute little family, even if you are my kid. Love Ya MOM

Kaisa Bailey said...

I think I would probably go completely crazy in the snow, but you guys make it look fun! It looks so pretty in your pictures too.

Kaisa Bailey said...
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