Wednesday, January 9, 2008

in 2008 i'll try to....

in no particular order

*start a blog- check

*call my sister corinne every week

*send a birthday card to every family member

*play risk more

*go through grandparents photos, and then put
some up around the house

*rebuild back deck before it falls off house

*finish basement living room

*have baby brother/sister for cody

*learn to play more on guitar. at least 2 songs: you are my sunshine & country roads(perfect for campouts and beach singalongs)

*paint inside of house

*continue exercise routine and incorporate more pilates/yoga

*more scrapbooking

*get cody a dog

*take cody camping- A LOT!

*take cody to the imax

*get cody a really tall bunk bed (all kids should have the experience at least once)

*run bloomsday again and beat past times

*do a triathalon or a mini marathon

*ride hiawatha bike trail in montana (or is it in idaho?)

*cook dinner at least 4x's a week

*cut out caffeine

*forgive others and get past guilt

*be a good, kind & understanding mama to cody

*be sweet to merv

*set up some kind of schedule for life; work play. (& stick to it)

*put cody in swimming & soccer

*take cody rock climbing more.

*more snowboarding

*get bigger fire safe!! (after watching neighbors house burn down, i realize i am not prepared)

.....i figure if i have a REALLY big list, then i'll feel better when i can cross off more things. :)


Arah said...

good list. I like that you want another too. I think Corinne is planning on another one...we can all be pregnnat together.

kim said...

Arah's friend Kim here, it's been a long time, but we have had lunches together. I must say I admire your list and wish you best of luck on it. Nothing better than checking something off.

And your hair is darling!!!!

Risawn said...

Arah, if you Julie and Corinne get pregnant again, I'll be the odd one out!

I guess I'm always the odd one out, aren't I?


I agree, I love long lists and love crossing things off of them even more. You know I'm always game for a little snowboarding :)

It's good to see you have a blog back up. Hey, whatever happened to your old one anyway, drummersgirl?

birdeeb said...

Great list! I don't do resolutions, cause I would be setting myself up for disappointment LOL ;o) Good job!