Sunday, January 20, 2008

killer turtle

we've been talking about getting a dog for quite a while. i want a little black pug, but merv wants a big, huge-crapping, hairy dog and i don't think cody cares what we get. just as long as its a dog. i want to wait until our back deck is finished so its easier to get into the back yard. i've heard that pugs are kind of high maintenace too though. anyway, it's been really cold and dreary here so yesterday i took cody and brinley to a couple of pet stores to look at dogs. they had this huge tortoise there and the door of his little cage was open so you could touch him. poor brinley was perified that he was going to get her. it was cute. she thought for sure it was after us. even thought the thing was moving at the speed of a snail, (or a turtle i guess). but as soon as the kids both saw these little mice, they were way more intrigued by them than the doggies there. they liked how they exercised on the wheel. i've got to say- i've always thought that they are pretty cute, but i can't handle little rodents living in the house. they escape. my sister kami always had little critters and i remember more than once waking up in the middle of the night with a hamster crawling on me. yuck! freaky!


wonderlandpearls said...

remember all my hamsters? I seriously can't believe my mom let me have those. I started to share my hamster story on here but realized it was too long. So go to my blog. :)

janet said...

Hi Julie.. this is Arah's friend and I just have to say that even though I posted about never wanting a pet, IF we ever get one, I will fight tooth and nail for a pug. they are so cute, but I don't know if I can handle a high maintenance anything.. but there is NO WAY I could get a hamster. My husband thinks it would be perfect for our kids, but then I think back to my childhood days, when my dad was making holes in the sheetrock in our bedroom because the hamsters got loose and we could hear them crawling in our walls... no thank you.

Oh and my kids totally miss Northwest seed and pet store in Spokane.. especially the one with a crocodile. have you taken your son there? it's the best. that's all. nice to meet you! I love your sis and I love your brown hair.

ps. last comment, I promise. The swimming pictures make us homesick for the Y. we loved that place.

Arah said...

i think someone got a hold of your myspace password, because i got some nasty stuff posted on my bulletin. Just thought i would let you know. The same thing happened to Darla.

Arah said...

Oh, yeah...Brinley is a funny kid! Because as long as the animal is behind a glass wall, or in a cage, she loves it! But as soon as it is within some range of touching, she freaks. What a stinker.
I think you should get a dog, but a small dog, that doesn't poop bigger than you do. Maybe a daschund(sp?) or a jack russel terrier?

Marnie said...

OK I am going to sound like a freak. But you have to start watching the Dog whisper show with Cesar Millan. Check out his books too. I also heard that dogs from pet stores tend to be neurotic because they are bought from puppy mills and have more problems in the long run. The pound might be a better place to look. Seriously, get hooked on the Dog whisper and it wont matter what breed you get. You should get a pug, they are cute. Damien said no pugs when I got a dog. I wanted a German shepherd (a big ugly hairy dog) but I didn't have a thousand dollars to spare and got a lab. He is a good pup.