Thursday, January 24, 2008

lightning clean

most of the time i feel like my house is pretty clean, until the appraisal guy calls at 6pm and says "good news! i've got an appointment that just opened tomorrow! how does 11:00am work for you?!" ... this is good news, but i was thinking i had like a week until he called so i've been scrambing like crazy tonight (merv siad i was doing a "lightning clean", thats what his dad use to call it) trying to get my house straightened up and realized what a mess it really is. gosh, do other people notice this gross-ness when they come over that we seem to get use to living with? eeeewwww.... like when you do the deep clean and find crap you've been missing forever and the random christmas decorations here and there that some how got missed. it does feel good to have the house all clean and shiny. once i get in the groove of cleaning i can't stop until it's all perfect. (and ipods are the perfect tool for cleaning too!) it's super satisfyling to go through stuff that gets pushed aside and sort everything out, and make goodwill piles. now i just have to keep cody out of everything until after the appraisal. no dirty dishes, no legos all over the living room, no messing up the couch cushions. does this make any sense? it's 1:30am and i'm super duper tired..... :)


Arah said...

yes. it makes sense. i have been cleaning for a month, except all of my things have gone into boxes, and not left out. My Goodwill pile consists of a king size bed and a bunch of other crap that I am sick of looking at!
By the way, which picture were you talking about...i have a ton more to post.
And why is it that these word verifications have to be so dang long...i think they add another letter everytime I leave a comment!

Marnie said...

The boy toilet, yuck! I only have one boy in my house (excluding my dog). That basement toilet reeks. "Oh, I'll clean that bathroom tomorrow, it's not that bad and our guests never use it." Tomorrow usually ends up being two months. Time to drench everything in bleach and put on the rubber gloves.
What's with the couch cushions? They become trampolines the minute you straighten them.
I am good at keeping my house picked up but not cleaned.

julie said...

haha! ya boy toilets are the nastiest!! i have to wipe it down everday.

Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

whatcha getting your house appraised for? Are you going to sell and move to Utah? ;)