Sunday, January 20, 2008

little fishies

codys been bugging me to take him swimming for a while now, so we finally went on friday night. brinley and arah came too, but i couldn't convince arah to jump in the pool with us. i had cody in swim lessons last fall, but he refused to dip his head in the water so they were not at all useful. see, ever since he poked his eardrum out with a q-tip when he was about 24 months old, he has been very very carful with anything being near his ears. (ouch! long story....) i decided that he needed to at least be able to do that before i put him i lessons again, so we practiced i finally conviced him to dunk his head. he was so proud of himself once he was over the fear of doing it. we practiced kicks too. brinley wasn't quite so sure. we'll keep practicing. but that water is so gross!! i thought my eyeballs would burn out. i prefer lakes and rivers to the puplic urinal, but we don't have much of a choice when its 12 degrees out.

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Darla said...

did Arah tell you we have the same exact hair. You copier!! (: