Friday, February 1, 2008

tag, i'm it.

my childhood playmate, hope "tagged" here are the answers to the questions:

10 years ago:
I was taking my first year of college at spokane falls community college while working full time at fred meyer and getting ready to break up with a high school boyfriend.

5 things on my to-do list today/tomorrow:
1. help arah and matt clean out house.
2. check value village & hopefully find some size 9/10 shoes & boots for model coming later this week.
3. vitamin store
4. take cody bowling or swimming or to kid movie
5. work out

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1.franks hot sauce, just not alone
2.anything spicy... jalapenos, peppercinnis
3.apples and peanut butter
4.nachos (homemade, of course)
5....& sunflower seeds when i am driving.

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire:
-pay off all of my siblings/parents/my own houses and all debt obviously.
-buy a huge piece of property near some kind of water. (maybe in a safe part of mexico or something)
-go on a gigantic vacation
-buy merv one of those space missions that are going on sale to the public for like $200,000 each( i'm much too chicken for space right now)

3 of my bad habits:
1.i stay up way too late.
2.i procrastinate doing things until the last minute
3.i always turn the stove on high first to get it hot becuase i'm too impatient. it drives merv nuts!
5 places I have lived:,arizona
2.winemucca, nevada (for real, people actually live there)
3.vernal, utah (and people actually live here too! just kidding alison!)
4.spokane, washington
5.juneau alaska

6 jobs that I have had:
1.newspaper girl (at age 12, i actually rode my bike and hand delivered papers with my sister. we did it 7 days a weekand & had to wake up at 5 on weekends. i highly reccomend it. we actually really liked it.) store cashier (i can still remember just about every single produce code at random)
3.waitress (nothing like utah, land of the $2 tip)
4.housekeeper (total slave labor for the rich, i have some REALLY nasty stories about this job it's amazing how complete strangers don't care what the house cleaner might come across...)
5.bear creek outfitters flyfishing tour company (super amazing job actually flying in to tiny little
islands all over southern alaska. i didn't take this job as seriously as i should have looking back now.)
6.vintage clothing peddler, providing the ugliest of clothes the whole wide world over.

5 Things most people don't know about me:

1.i have 2 totally different sized feet. almost an inch different.
2.i love to write, but don't do it nearly enough or as much as a i use to. i'm not really good at it, i just love doing it. it's theraputic for me and i've always kept a journal.
3.i got 100% on my driving test when i was 16. nostrils flare really bad when i laugh. this is because my nostrils are huge, an inherited trait from my dad.
and one more...
5.i'm a sleep walker and have been my whole life, my sister tells me stories. as an adult it has turned into more of a scream sleeper. i wake merv up just about ever night screaming about something. i rarely remember doing this.

now i'm suppose to choose others, but i don't know who has actually done this or who is interested but i'll choose you, you and..... you.


Spencer said...

I have to admit that I was hoping to see Colusa and Carls Junior on your lists because I wanted to tell you that I went through Colusa at thanksgiving (that was a thrill and a half) and when I was at carl's Jr. the other day I was thinking about how you worked there until your friend called in sick for you...permenantly

julie said...

haha! thats so funny you remember that about carls jr spencer! i actually considered putting it down, but i only had so many choices. i'm glad your life is now complete with a trip through colusa, armpit of california. i'm sure allison was thrilled. :)

Risawn said...

Procrastination? Isn't that an Erickson trait?

I was about to do this when I realized that, gees, I just did this a month ago. My brain is fried.

Hope Taft said...

Great answers, Julie! Thanks for playing! It was fun reading what you've been up to since we were like...what? What year did you guys move away from Vernal?

P.S. I remember that about your nostrils!

Arah said...

what a trip down memory lane...paper route, you jumping up and down on the springs in the middle of the night, asleep, of course...
Of course you had to put spicy foods down, I don't think you have ever eaten a meal without some spice in it...especially enchiladas...those were really hot by the way.

megs said...

It was so fun to read all of your little quarks. I love em! (PS I actually share a lot of them with you-maybe because we are cousins:) Oh, can I say AMEN to the Utah: land of the $2 tip. I will never be a waitress again. Love you guys.