Monday, February 18, 2008

monte cristo delicios-ness

while i was running on the ol' treadmill & skimming through some magazines the other day, i came across a recipe for a monte cristo sandwich. the picture looked super tasty. ao i started reading the recipe & it sounded incredibly familiar so i called my mama and found out that this was the same sandwich we grew up with (my mom made them from time to time). anyway, i was super excited to rediscover their goodness!! i haven't had one in years and holy-crap- they are really, really good!! I love sandwiches. I love French toast. even cody sort of like them, after he took it apart and ate all of the pieces seperately. HOWEVER, they do not seem to be a very healthy treat. :)

this here is a variation of the recipe:

buttermilk bread or potaoe bread (2 slices per sandwich)
evaporated milk to taste
eggs to liking/consistency ( i used 2 for 3 sandwiches)
thinly sliced ham
swiss chess

*mix eggs and evaporated milk just like french toast batter.

*dip bread like french toast and grill over butter.

*in the meantime, grill ham.

*when the french toast has been flipped once, spread mayo on cooked side. then top mayo with swiss cheese.

*when cheese is melted, top with ham

*ad addtional slice of swiss on top of ham if you like

*top with second slice of cooked french toast.


i have heard some variations where you dust it with powdered sugar and serve with jam or maple syrup (like breakfast time) or even dijion mustard. haven't tried either.
(that is not an actual picture of my sandwich, and i dont' reccomend eating this sandwich with raw zuchini chips...)


Rocia said...

an even better reason for you to come to s.f. to visit. there is a restaurant here called mama's that makes the BEST monte cristo EVER! i would seriously drive form spokane just to eat it! come...NOW!!

Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

remember when we used to "cook" bread in the microwave w/ margarine & eat it w/ powdered sugar on top?? Weird.

Kera said...

ok, so this is random AND I am REALLY bored, so I was looking at your blog from before this summer and before I had met you. it has been fun :) anyway. when we run the SF half marathon in SF next october we will FOR SURE go to MAMAS and get their monte cristo. IT IS TO DIE FOR. the last 6 months before we moved we went there every week to get it!!! its that good.