Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the road is not a parking spot.

when the sun comes out and the snow starts to melt, it's awesome to watch the ice cycles grow but it is not fun to drive on 3 inches of ice on the road in our neighborhood. remember the original mario brothers nintendo game, with the ice-land level? that's what it reminds me of, even with 4 wheel drive. so today, i was taking cody to school and as i was getting ready to make the steep turn to get out of the neighbor hood and down the hill. i discover that there is a freaking mini van parked in the middle of the road in front of me. i was only going like 5 or 10 miles an hour, but there was also another car coming up the hill in the oncoming lane. i went to slow down and realized i was literally sliding down the hill. i tired to turn my car to go back up- but no success. so now my tires turned to go up and i am sliding sideways into this mini van. i couldn't stop or do anything to slow down so i just sat there and put my hand up like " what he heck am i suppose to do now?" i ended up bumbing my back passenger side corner into the back of this van. i look over and realize that there is no one even in the van. i tried to move my car but since it was pure ice and i was now at an angle facing up the ice hill with my back end touching the other car, i was going no where. i tried to get out to access the damage and slid right on my butt, so i jumped back in. in the mean time, a few other cars almost hit me. i called merv (who was working about an hour away) and my parents. finally the owner showed up and says that his wife had decied it was unsafe to drive down the hill and left it parked there. why she thought this was a good idea, i do not know. anyway, he had a tow truck guy who pulled me out. all my car had was a very tiny bump in the bumper. the van had huge dent under the back window, but the guy understood that it was his wifes fault for leaving the car abandoned in the middle of a steep icy hill with no flares or hazards lights. so i wasn't at fault. he knew that if a cop was there, they would have been at fault for leaving it this way. cody did not make it to school today. the moral of the story is: don't be an idiot.


Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

I'm glad you're all okay. And I'm glad her car got more damage. Idiots.

Rocia said...

don't be an idiot is right. there were all sorts of idiots when we lived in utah trying jack moves like that. good luck.

Risawn said...

I guess I won't be making any trips up to your house any time soon!

I hate stupid drivers, though I'm one to talk because I obviously don't know how to drive :P So I avoid it unless it's absolutely necessary, especially lately with all the crap on the roads.

Marnie said...

How's your butt?

I tried to make a comment on your last post but it won’t post. Just going to say: girls are fun, except for when they PMS along with you. Yes it seems a 3 1/2 and two year old are capable of PMS. Poor Damien.