Friday, February 22, 2008


i don't know if i've been hiding in a closet or what, but a friend recently introduced me to the music of this chic. her name is sia & her music is awesome. i fell in love with it and ordered her newest cd on amazon & it just came today. yay! i'm always looking for new music that is safe to play in front of the rugrats. i'm going to make copies for kami, arah, becca & corinne.


Spencer said...

Hey I checked her out and I realy like that breathing song. The other day I was going through the xm stations in my truck and I found this one called the LED. They only play Led Zepplin I don't know if you already knew about it, but I just had think 'good thing I didn't have this in high school, or we'd be driving around the block forever.

julie said...

haha! spencer, thats so funny that you remenber that. i'm so sorry for the torture.