Friday, February 1, 2008

snow days

so, they just ended up closing the school for the entire week. this is kind of a bummer because it means we either have to go an extra week at the end of the year, or use up some of our spring break. but it was kind of nice to have another unexpected winter vacation. we have mostly just just hanging around (and brineley too!) building forts,
playing xbox,
doing puzzles, (by the way this puzzle is rad and you can get it here )
and making snow cream. there is nothing the kids would rather do than cook with snow. if you've never made this and you have kids, i hightly reccomend trying it. but the snow has to be pretty deep so that it is clean. it brings back a lot of memories. my mom made it when we were kids and we loved it. you just get a big bowl of packed snow and the kids mix in evaporated milk, sugar and vanilla. (super healthy...ya right) they love making it. :)


Arah said...

yeah, i'm glad Brinley is having such a good time over at your house. She loves it there, hopefully she will love to have Cody over to our new home, she will practically own downstairs.

Cori said...

oooh, that snow cream sounds good. But not so cool that you'll have a longer school year or no spring break.

bennettsrus said...

I'm obsessed. I'll just comment on every post. Cole loves puzzles so I looked up that puzzle and I can't believe how many rad puzzles there are. Yah! No more ridiculous ones from Target. thanks. ~darla