Sunday, March 16, 2008


cody's school has this huge carnival fundraiser every year. arah's husband matt also went to hutton and said when he was there, they had actual carnival rides outside. mrs. courchaine told me the rides became too much of a liability and had to be taken away. (sounds like everything else fun in life...) so now they do bouncy blow-up rooms and games, raffles, etc. and it is still a huge event. anyway, the carnival was friday night. i had volunteered to run a game booth & merv had school stuff so grandma lana, aunt arah & brinley were gracious enough to bring cody until i could meet up with them.
my booth was the monster bowling booth.

at the face painting booth: cody after much consideration, "hmmm, with all of these options i think i'll go with.... the rainbow please!"
one rainbow coming up.
gee mom! i really love it!!

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Darla said...

Cody is so cute! He kind of reminds me of Chris in a way. Anyway, I REALLY want to come up and visit, and I'm hoping your boy and my boy get along. Should be fun. I'll let you girls know when we can do it!