Saturday, April 26, 2008

mi casa

merv & i have been talking about which projects we want to work on next as far as the house goes. we're both in agreement with the dining room/living room/ staircase project. i've been looking at different flooring options. i kind of thought we would just go with pergo again. we put it in our last house becasue it's cheap and easy but i'm not totally in love with it. it looks like crap when it gets dented or any type of water damage. anyway, yesterday merv and i went to a hardwood flooring shop for our date and ended up making sort of an impulse purchase on some bamboo flooring. i heep hearing about it on all of these home shows but didn't really know what it was. the price is great and i LOVE how it looks. it should be in over the next few weeks. in the mean time we'll be pulling up the other floor, scraping the popcorn ceiling, painting, new molding, floors and tile entryway, new light fixtures and having my dad build a new iron staircase banister ( ...right dad?). thanks mom & arah for help with the colors: mexican feather grass, timothy straw & frost.... :) we are totally excited!! i'll post pictures of our project. here are some similar pics of what we have in mind:

this is the bamboo floor:

it looks like this installed:

similar to the banister dad is helping with,(minus the dark wood, just the iron part):

and this chandelier:

this is really similar to the look we are going for with the thick white crown molding and sagey/straw color and similar tile for entryway combine swith the bamboo floor:

the back deck will have to come a little later. we did the front deck last summer, but the back deck looks like it will be a much larger project.

.....and, some fun facts about bamboo:

bamboo is VERY durable & very renewable • in late 19th century Eeurope, bicycle frames typically were made of bamboo.• bamboo survived the hiroshima atomic blast closer to ground zero than any other life form.• in 1882, thomas rdison used bamboo filaments in the world’s first light bulb manufacturing.• the needle in alexander graham bell’s first phonograph was made of bamboo.

green ghosts.

we were so excited to finally see the sun & some warm weather because we had our team picture today. kami came up and took a few for fun too.
i'll post the real ones when they come in. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

i love my mama & papa.

the unscheduled sunday afternoon visits to my parents home (complete with delicious dinner & naps...) has become a survival mechanism in my life. so much love & comfort, i realize that at times i take it for granted unintentionaly. i can't imagine the loss of all that security. i have never been one to let my emotions out, i've never even cried at a funeral. i usually cry at the wrong times (like when i get angry.) i've always struggled with the right way to verbally express them although they are there.(...i know this drives merv CRAZY...i can't imagine being married to me.) so to deal with this issue, i've always been a writer. i keep most of my writing to myself but it feels nice to let it out even if it is just on paper. recently i felt an urge to take a few minutes and jot down things that my parents have done for me and how much of a pure, deep love i have for them. something i want to be sure who ever reads my stuff someday, knows. the things that at first appear mundane are very significant to me. especially looking back with adult eyes and hind sight perspective. I realized all the little things they did daily and the big commitments & sacrifices they had made as a couple raising a family of eight. even though at times i feel i have been more of a burden to them as a grown child. the unconditional love they've always had for me and my siblings and the deep love they have for their grandkids. it seriously amazes me how much they serve their children. i remember merv making a comment to me about it shortly after we were married. anyway, tonight while i was visiting my younger sister kami, i came across some old photos she had that we had used for a project a while back.(long story...) i was so happy to see all of these old pictures of my parents and my childhood and my siblings. it provoked something i hadn't felt in a while. i am incredibly sentimetnal, especially about pictures. i love them (and my parents). here are a few i'll share: (i don't think they'll mind)
sweet baby mom

she was always posing in her baby/kid pictures :)
moms the one with funny hair :)
i love this picture...

mom with more funny & baby corinne
cute mom on tree.
i love this picture of dad( it kind of reminds me of my cousin tashi)
dad & aunt nora (?)
george,lester, bruce, brian & baby jim
dad & gary
bruce(?), nora. kathy, julia, gary, dad driving
dad with big white tie
dad & baby mike (or ron)
very great picture of army dad
bruce, george, dad (the beast in the middle) lester, gpa, brian and gary
friend, gary, dad, nora & george.
gary, mom, nora, dad & baby corinne

the rhinestone cowboys and other memories....

my broken leg when i was 4.
funny kami and arah with balloon
corinne and baby julie with apples.
brian, baby jared, baby arah & corinne
dad & baby julie
pretty mom and baby arah
brian, jared, arah, baby julie & corinne
cute baby kami and mom (wasn't she pretty?)
this picture always makes me laugh. everytime glen campbell is on t.v. or we hear the "rhinestone cowboy" or some other cheesy glen cambell song, i always have to tell merv the story of meeting him in reno. (my moms brother was dating his sistes so were able to go see his house and fancy cars.... haha!! )

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

somewhere on trent..

this little engine was cruising super fast down the tracks all by iteself... it struck cody and i as so funny & cute. you don't see one little engine all by itself.

Monday, April 21, 2008

little goalie dude

cody is funny. the soccer program we're in doesn't keep score or have goalies at the younger age levels. but, he insists on sitting on/in the goal when it is his turn to play. even if the ball stays on the other end of the field near the other goal, he would rather hang out at our goal. he tells me it is just on case the ball comes he wants to be ready. while he's waiting for the ball to come down to our goal, he hangs out looking up at the clouds and playing in the grass.....

i can tell that he is going to be our very competitive & athletic boy. ya right. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

big 34

p.s. thanks for letting us have a bbq celebration at your house mom. and for the very thoughtful cake from arah and the kiddos.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

1st game

we found out jersey color is green! right on- top color choice. & our team did awesome if i do say so myself. we knocked the socks of the other team (alhough we don't keep score) & i loved watching their little expressions when they finally started understanding how the game worked. cody mostly wanted to be the goalie & play with the end post. i'm really enjoying working with them. it's a lot of fun. we're trying to choose a team name now. my votes for uncle matt's choice: the crickets. but the kids all want to be the ghosts...hmmm? the green ghosts?