Friday, April 4, 2008

i hate cleaning out the microwave

i just thought i'd share a great tip i discovered a while ago, but just tried today for the first time.
this is a big help with the necessary evil.:

*take one lemon and cut it in quarters.

*wrap it in a damp cloth and microwave for 60 seconds.

*when you open the microwave it should be all steamy and everything just wipes clean.

it REALLY works & it works like a charm!


Risawn said...

I'll have to try that.

My microwave looks nasty at the moment.

Rocia said...

i just spent forever cleaning out mine. thank thank thank you. i'm trying it asap.

marychild said...

Julie, I found your blog from Karen Pixler's; I can't believe how big Cody is (he is VERY handsome)... It's so fun to see an update of your little family. You guys are so cute, and just seeing pictures of Merv reminds me of Jon! I may pop in on your blog every now and then- I love it! Take care-
Mary Child

The Barney's said...

Hi julie, Lori Barney here. I havent been on blogs much lately but just saw your link from Arahs and your is great just like Arahs. I am always cleaning out thhe nasty microwave at our store and I will 100% be trying this. No one seems to know how to clean up after themselves and this will make it much less disgusting. Thanks and I'll be dropping in again sometime. lori

DeAnne said...

OkaY, so here's my question? Did you take the picture of that lemon, or did you find it on the internet? you and Arah always have these great pictures to go along with your posts and I was wondering where you get I can copy you guys :) I know it's just a lemon, but it's a cool picture.