Thursday, April 24, 2008

i love my mama & papa.

the unscheduled sunday afternoon visits to my parents home (complete with delicious dinner & naps...) has become a survival mechanism in my life. so much love & comfort, i realize that at times i take it for granted unintentionaly. i can't imagine the loss of all that security. i have never been one to let my emotions out, i've never even cried at a funeral. i usually cry at the wrong times (like when i get angry.) i've always struggled with the right way to verbally express them although they are there.(...i know this drives merv CRAZY...i can't imagine being married to me.) so to deal with this issue, i've always been a writer. i keep most of my writing to myself but it feels nice to let it out even if it is just on paper. recently i felt an urge to take a few minutes and jot down things that my parents have done for me and how much of a pure, deep love i have for them. something i want to be sure who ever reads my stuff someday, knows. the things that at first appear mundane are very significant to me. especially looking back with adult eyes and hind sight perspective. I realized all the little things they did daily and the big commitments & sacrifices they had made as a couple raising a family of eight. even though at times i feel i have been more of a burden to them as a grown child. the unconditional love they've always had for me and my siblings and the deep love they have for their grandkids. it seriously amazes me how much they serve their children. i remember merv making a comment to me about it shortly after we were married. anyway, tonight while i was visiting my younger sister kami, i came across some old photos she had that we had used for a project a while back.(long story...) i was so happy to see all of these old pictures of my parents and my childhood and my siblings. it provoked something i hadn't felt in a while. i am incredibly sentimetnal, especially about pictures. i love them (and my parents). here are a few i'll share: (i don't think they'll mind)
sweet baby mom

she was always posing in her baby/kid pictures :)
moms the one with funny hair :)
i love this picture...

mom with more funny & baby corinne
cute mom on tree.
i love this picture of dad( it kind of reminds me of my cousin tashi)
dad & aunt nora (?)
george,lester, bruce, brian & baby jim
dad & gary
bruce(?), nora. kathy, julia, gary, dad driving
dad with big white tie
dad & baby mike (or ron)
very great picture of army dad
bruce, george, dad (the beast in the middle) lester, gpa, brian and gary
friend, gary, dad, nora & george.
gary, mom, nora, dad & baby corinne


Marnie said...

Thanks Ericson ma and pa for letting a par of stragly twins into your home. I cryed when we had to move-mostly because we were moving away from the Ericsons.

Anonymous said...

Your precious, JuJu. I love you right back. You've always been a tender little soul. I'm so grateful our family likes to be together and make memories. Family is what makes life worth living. We're proud of all you kids and feel very blessed to be your parents. You made parenting very easy. Love you always. MOM

Rocia said...

i thoroughly enjoyed looking at those pics...awesome! i also love the fact that your post time was 1:27am.

DeAnne said...

Ok. So maybe I don't know your family super well, but I just have very fond memories of my early single adult days and time at the Erickson's. You guys are a really special family, I can just feel it. What a great example!