Saturday, April 26, 2008

mi casa

merv & i have been talking about which projects we want to work on next as far as the house goes. we're both in agreement with the dining room/living room/ staircase project. i've been looking at different flooring options. i kind of thought we would just go with pergo again. we put it in our last house becasue it's cheap and easy but i'm not totally in love with it. it looks like crap when it gets dented or any type of water damage. anyway, yesterday merv and i went to a hardwood flooring shop for our date and ended up making sort of an impulse purchase on some bamboo flooring. i heep hearing about it on all of these home shows but didn't really know what it was. the price is great and i LOVE how it looks. it should be in over the next few weeks. in the mean time we'll be pulling up the other floor, scraping the popcorn ceiling, painting, new molding, floors and tile entryway, new light fixtures and having my dad build a new iron staircase banister ( ...right dad?). thanks mom & arah for help with the colors: mexican feather grass, timothy straw & frost.... :) we are totally excited!! i'll post pictures of our project. here are some similar pics of what we have in mind:

this is the bamboo floor:

it looks like this installed:

similar to the banister dad is helping with,(minus the dark wood, just the iron part):

and this chandelier:

this is really similar to the look we are going for with the thick white crown molding and sagey/straw color and similar tile for entryway combine swith the bamboo floor:

the back deck will have to come a little later. we did the front deck last summer, but the back deck looks like it will be a much larger project.

.....and, some fun facts about bamboo:

bamboo is VERY durable & very renewable • in late 19th century Eeurope, bicycle frames typically were made of bamboo.• bamboo survived the hiroshima atomic blast closer to ground zero than any other life form.• in 1882, thomas rdison used bamboo filaments in the world’s first light bulb manufacturing.• the needle in alexander graham bell’s first phonograph was made of bamboo.


Arah said...

hey Julie,
what did Merv think of the colors? I still didn't get a chance to actually see the flooring. Next time.

marychild said...

I love the look of the bamboo floor; it is so bright and airy and clean looking. I never watch home shows, but apparently I should!

We so don't have the money or energy for home projects right now. We have some painting that has needed to be done for a year now, and still, no immediate plans to get on that.

Good luck with your remodeling!

CrazyMomof7 said...

I would love to see it when you are all done. I have not seen your house since before you moved in.

Rocia said...

i LOVE hearing and seeing people's home improvement projects! seriously though, i am a little too obsessed. i think it is the fact that i have yet to own a home and have been married for almost seven years! gotta love school. thank you for the awesome ideas. keep posting your progress, i LOVE it!

Rocia said...

julie, about the hoodie of rock's. i totally got it at walmart. crazy huh! whenever i find something with rock on it, i buy one in every size. i'm weird, i know.