Thursday, April 24, 2008

the rhinestone cowboys and other memories....

my broken leg when i was 4.
funny kami and arah with balloon
corinne and baby julie with apples.
brian, baby jared, baby arah & corinne
dad & baby julie
pretty mom and baby arah
brian, jared, arah, baby julie & corinne
cute baby kami and mom (wasn't she pretty?)
this picture always makes me laugh. everytime glen campbell is on t.v. or we hear the "rhinestone cowboy" or some other cheesy glen cambell song, i always have to tell merv the story of meeting him in reno. (my moms brother was dating his sistes so were able to go see his house and fancy cars.... haha!! )


Kaisa Bailey said...

I totally loved this post Julie. Your parents are so cute. I hate that we all live so far away from eachother...and that Glen Campbell picture is hilarious.

DeAnne said...

wow, these are fantastic photo memories. you're mom is so adorable and gorgeous..just like you girls. so cool! thank you for sharing.