Thursday, May 29, 2008

i love these little squirts.

i have to admit. i really enjoyed coaching this little soccer team. it was quite a step out of my comfort zone and i kind of threw myself into it blindly, but it ended up being a great experience. i learned a lot about myself and a lot about soccer. it was fun to see how much the kids developed even over the short time. most of them had no clue what a soccer ball was, let alone how to use one, when we started. we had our party tonight (minus one little girl). all of the wonderful parents suprised me with a gift certificate to mosaic spa for a massage, pedicure & facial..... yay!! i can't wait to use it. one of those things you don't usually buy for yourself.... so completely appreciated.

(chris isn't really cross eyed.... )

one of the girl's moms made this adorable cake. it totally reminds me of something my sister arah would whip up....

our last game is this saturday. it will be nice to have saturdays mornings back for yard sales. :) i think i'll coach every spring or at least when i can. they also offer a fall season, but i think i have too many other things on my plate to commit to both seasons. i really reccomend doing something like this if you have the time. kami, you would love it and be great with the kids.

sony gripes.

i'm due for a new computer. it's been a couple of years or so & this time i am seriously considering just purchasing a desk top. the last 2 have been laptops and i've loved & worn the heck out of both of them. but i just feel like a desk top would be a little more durable for my needs. the first lap top was a toshiba and i really loved it. the battery life was awesome and i like how heavy duty it was but it seemd to constantly over heat. second, i purchased a sony. i had heard nothing but how great they were. although i haven't had any serious operating issues, the actual hardware on the sony is crap!! i think they are overpriced becasue of the name or something. the battery is terrible and i can't stand the fact that it doesn't have a volume button. i actually have to push the function key and one of the f keys to adjust the volume. i also think the keyboard is really cheesy. it feels way to dainty and breakable. one of the shift keys snapped off shortly after i bought the computer and the 2 weeks it would take to have it repaired was just too long for me to bear. so i deal with it by using the oposite shift key. then cody fed it about 4 cents worth of pennies not too long after that. they have been sitting in the zip drive ever since. so my computer rattles a lot. since it was causing any operating issues, i just left them becuase i didn't want to be bothered with the wait time to take it in. and just the other day, i accidentaly snapped off the "L" key when i was wiping of the keyboard. do you have any idea how irritating it is to try and type with out an "L" key?! you have to stop and go back and retype in the "L" every time you need to use it. i had finally had enough last night and with some persistance and only a few minor cuss words & groans, finally got it snapped back on. the parts are like miniscule tiny bits of fragile plastic. i had to use my fingers and a pair of tweezers and try not to shoot the parts across the kitchen. i was pretty proud of myself for taking my time and fixing the problem but i don't like how fragile it is. the keyboard on the toshiba gets much higher points... anyway, about purchasing a new computer. i 'm thinking about converting to an apple as well. i haven't yet because i don't like the thought of having to replace all of the expensive software i aready have with apple versions. but i have heard they are great. any opinions on which brands you like or dislike?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sneak peak

we still have some work to do: crown moulding work, the floors and a the base board and window trim and the hearth along with some fireplace trim pieces.

muchas gracias.

dear aunt arah, thanks for letting me have a spend the night and for taking me fishing, my mom and dad got A LOT of work done on the house. my mom will post some pictures soon. love, cody

Friday, May 23, 2008

tooth fairy pillow

cody has been really petrified at the thought of loosing his teeth ever since grandpa jim told him about it a few weeks ago.
cody:i'm almost 6...
gpa: ..that means your going to loose your teeth.
cody:no!! i never want to be 6!!

i ordered one of these to cheer him up and ease the process. it came today and it is totally adorable...
he LOVES it. we've been talking about how loosing a tooth really isn't so bad... and doesn't hurt too mcuh. kind of like cutting your hair. (which he also hated and still hates....)

Monday, May 19, 2008

popcicle anomolies... and other orange things

cody is such a nerd. it's been like 90 all weekend, but today, he dug out this warm orange beanie hat and insisted he needed to wear it. it's too small (like size 18-24months) and i've tried to put it away with his baby stuff abuot 500 times. even when i'm sneaky, he asks where it is becuase he loves it. he looks like a peasant kid from the 1600's...

also, check out this:

have you ever seen such a thing? merv's brother joe discovered it in the bag of popcicles. a one-legged popcicle!! i was tempted to send the picture to jay leno or sell it on ebay... i was saving it in the freezer until i could decide what to do with it....but, we were one popcicle short when the neighbor boy came over, so i fed it to him. :)

poopas and dirt

it was beautiful & super toasty satruday, so in between helping out where i could inside, the kids and i played outside. i finally got most of my plants and flowers planted. the kids discovered pupas or "poopas" (and brinley called them..) and caterpillers in the dirt. they played out side ALL DAY and loved every second of it. sorry arah, i'm a bad aunt. i did let brinely hang out in her swimsuit the whole time.

i love this pig. i tried having him inside last year, but he likes to be in the yard best. i don't blame him.

my grandpa brownie had this very beautiful bright green baby tears ground cover in his yard and i always loved it. i've tried planting it every year, but it dies after one season. so i did a little reaserach and found a similar ground cover that should do better in our climate. i planted it preaty heavy. i'll take more pictures as it starts to spread. it's the best for keeping weeds out. (oh, ya! merv scored that canoe last weekend at a yard sale.... can't wait to use it!!)

i am very pround of this little rock retaining wall. i've struggled with this little patch of dirt the whole time we've lived here. when we moved in, the yard was completly overgrown with shrubs and milion of little red lava rocks... it's taken awhile but i've finally gotten most of them out. merv built this little wall for me a few weekends ago because he can be sweet & he knows i love gardening, but i didn't want to take a picture until i had some flowers in my flower garden. so here it is:

isn't it straight?
also, i planted 2 tomoatos up front this year. this area gets tons of sun. my nice neighbors suprised me by bringing over the tomato plant prisons for them....

cody asking if he could water all the new plants this morning...he got these clothes all wet...but it was worth it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

kindergarten birthday boy

cody was so excited when he found out that his teacher lets all of the summer birthday kids celebrate their birthday early. we celebrated cody's on thursday. i brought green frosted happy birthday cupcakes from safeway and some juice and the whole class sang to him. (we asked for green and those babies were GREEN. i think the frosting was made of nuclear stained all of the kids faces & hands...) he was in heaven.

hey, why not?

whats a few more things on the list....well, our project turned into a much bigger project. while framing the fireplace, we decied that we might as well get a new gas fireplace insert. (...which i ordered from home depot and hopefully should be arriving any day)...and while we were at it, put in bulit-in bookshelves similar to these:

and wire for electronics so that we can hang our tv above our fireplace & surround sound kind of like this:

or this:
i really like the idea of not having an entertainment center deidicated to the tv, and instead having it on the wall and out of the way. the bookshelves are being made deep enough for the dvd, cable and can store the dvds, etc. it also opens up a TON of space in the room. the floors came in friday and are sitting downstairs. we still need to put them in , frame out the doors and put up crown molding, base board/window trim, insert fireplace, mantle,& hearth, put in new staircas railing (which my dad has finished beautifully and brought over...)

these are pictures of the project so far:
grandpa merv hanging the new doors. yay for no more old brown!!
framed fireplace, with old insert gone:
some drywall & electrical done:
shelves done. don't worry, the mouse hole is only temporary. until the insert comes in. we just needed acess to the wires. :)
i'll post some more when it gets done.

Friday, May 16, 2008

keep calm and carry on.

i've been eyeballin' it for awhile now... so, i just ordered this for my house:

it's a replica of a vintage poster commissioned by the british government in august 1939 to be posted in times of "crisis or invasion". there where three posters of similar design created for public confidence and this one was never posted. the original one is kind of reddish like this:

..but i think the black is pretty all right. i should probably be doing a little more historical research before i hang it up, but i REALLY l do love it. it could be a motto around here. and doesn't it look cute hung?

i bought something similar for my sister. sshhhhh.....

nacho libre and co.

i came across these while looking through some pictures just now... these were taken at a yardsale we were having last spring. we found these mustaches amidst the garb. i think they are very becoming.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

living in skwualer...

since kami is gone to kentucky to play drill sargeant, she asked about seeing the progress of the remodel. here goes:
this is the day we started ripping out the carpet & trim & popcorn ceiling:
my brother jared graciously stopping by on his way home from work, tired & dirty, to help us move all of the very heavy furniture: (it's rare i get a photo of him, so a blurry one from cody will do for now).
taped off the walls(thanks arah!!), notice the ugly brown doors? they are now gone. also popcorn is scraped & pergo floors are gone:
all done scraping living room, fan also gone:
joe & merv getting ready to texture ceiling. we had some serious drywall taping flaws from the original construction of the house to cover so we went with the schlopping type tool. it schlops the mud on.... it's MESSY!!!!:
me painting the crown molding:
psycho killer!!! WEEE! WEEE! WEEE!
paint partially done, and new doors ready to be hinged and hung:
this fireplace is now ripped apart and is being framed in:
tomorrow we will be framing in the fireplace, putting up the crown molding on the ceiling and hanging the new hall doors and light fixtures. then we have to wait for the floors to arrive(hopefully friday) to put them in and finishing framing doors and base board trim. i can not wait!! it's only been about 1 1/2 weeks so far but we've been living out of the kitchen and bed rooms which are a total cramped disaster from all of the extra stuff living in them. i can't imagine what it will be like when we do the kitchen. but i think we'll be doing the back deck first.....