Monday, May 5, 2008

bloomsday 2008

we ran bloomsday again yesterday, a 12k (7.46mile) race. it was a BLAST!! i think it was my favorite every. a friend talked me into running bloosday with him in high school, and a couple of years later i got my family involved. one year we even got dad to do it. i've been training & my goal was to beat merv, but that didn't happen. he came in around an hour or so and i was about 10 -12 minutes later. but it was still my best time by like 20 minutes. that cheesy headband was a lifesaver this year. no burning sweat in my eye!!
THANKS for all of your help arah!! i know the kids had a blast with you and we all looked forward to seeing you guys at the top of that hill. :) if you've never done run it, i highly reccomend it. it's different than a typical road race with all of the notorious hills & the live bands & shows along the course that make it so exciting. next year we are going to get some of the younger kids to run bloomsday with usthe red shirts were better this year than they have been but i wish they would come back out with some of the old shcool styles like these:

...and of course after the race we went for the traditional breakfast. we usually go to that tiny little furgeson's cafe next to the milkbottle on garland (remember, from benny & joon where johnny depp is making his food dance....), but there were 12 of us this year so we headed as far out of town to the valley as we could, to shari's. we had a great time. poor brian and becca had to head straight back to seattle after breakfast because of school/work.

a good friend of arah's, cindy, runs 1/2 marathons and i think i'm going to start getting into those. i think a full blown 27 mile marathon is a little too much for me still. there is a 1/2 marathon out here in medical lake this summer & becca wants to do it with me.


Marisa said...

The sweatband is very becoming on you.

Marisa said...
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