Friday, May 2, 2008

for your inner child.

i just ordered this book. i can't wait for it to arrive, especially with the count down to shcool being out for the summer.

a review:
"The ideas, and information that are in the book are things that as a child 30 years ago my family did together and the book takes me there and away from what today's society has created for our children. Some of us easily get caught up with what is on your local chain store shelves as being educational and fun, rather than looking in our own back yards and with items that we already have to create memories, education, and beautiful projects."

sounds pretty much perfect for me.


Marisa said...

That sounds like such a good book! You are such a great example of what I want to be like as a mom when I have kids. I love old school projects.

Arah said...

that's really funny. I tried to win one. If i didn't win it, i was going to order it.

Darla said...

yes..., I will have to look that up and possibly order it. I have about 6 books right now that I'm trying to read now however, so it might have to wait.

DeAnne said...

It was great to see you Julie! I love the pictures of bloomsday on Arah's blog. Lookin' good, lookin' good baby! You guys are the coolest!