Sunday, May 18, 2008

hey, why not?

whats a few more things on the list....well, our project turned into a much bigger project. while framing the fireplace, we decied that we might as well get a new gas fireplace insert. (...which i ordered from home depot and hopefully should be arriving any day)...and while we were at it, put in bulit-in bookshelves similar to these:

and wire for electronics so that we can hang our tv above our fireplace & surround sound kind of like this:

or this:
i really like the idea of not having an entertainment center deidicated to the tv, and instead having it on the wall and out of the way. the bookshelves are being made deep enough for the dvd, cable and can store the dvds, etc. it also opens up a TON of space in the room. the floors came in friday and are sitting downstairs. we still need to put them in , frame out the doors and put up crown molding, base board/window trim, insert fireplace, mantle,& hearth, put in new staircas railing (which my dad has finished beautifully and brought over...)

these are pictures of the project so far:
grandpa merv hanging the new doors. yay for no more old brown!!
framed fireplace, with old insert gone:
some drywall & electrical done:
shelves done. don't worry, the mouse hole is only temporary. until the insert comes in. we just needed acess to the wires. :)
i'll post some more when it gets done.


Arah said...

WOW, Merv and Joe sure did a nice job on the firepalce. It will be nice to get some sloor space back in your family room. It's going to look really good, you guys won't ever want to move!

Lana said...

OH, I LOVE IT, and it's not even done. What a difference. Good job Joe and Merv.

Risawn said...

Wow, that's coming along really nice. Wish I could see it in person.

I can't do any home improvements with my house.

Rocia said...

AWESOME!!! maybe we need to take to trip up there this summer to check it out. i love it!

DeAnne said...

round of applause! this is looking really sweet!