Monday, May 19, 2008

poopas and dirt

it was beautiful & super toasty satruday, so in between helping out where i could inside, the kids and i played outside. i finally got most of my plants and flowers planted. the kids discovered pupas or "poopas" (and brinley called them..) and caterpillers in the dirt. they played out side ALL DAY and loved every second of it. sorry arah, i'm a bad aunt. i did let brinely hang out in her swimsuit the whole time.

i love this pig. i tried having him inside last year, but he likes to be in the yard best. i don't blame him.

my grandpa brownie had this very beautiful bright green baby tears ground cover in his yard and i always loved it. i've tried planting it every year, but it dies after one season. so i did a little reaserach and found a similar ground cover that should do better in our climate. i planted it preaty heavy. i'll take more pictures as it starts to spread. it's the best for keeping weeds out. (oh, ya! merv scored that canoe last weekend at a yard sale.... can't wait to use it!!)

i am very pround of this little rock retaining wall. i've struggled with this little patch of dirt the whole time we've lived here. when we moved in, the yard was completly overgrown with shrubs and milion of little red lava rocks... it's taken awhile but i've finally gotten most of them out. merv built this little wall for me a few weekends ago because he can be sweet & he knows i love gardening, but i didn't want to take a picture until i had some flowers in my flower garden. so here it is:

isn't it straight?
also, i planted 2 tomoatos up front this year. this area gets tons of sun. my nice neighbors suprised me by bringing over the tomato plant prisons for them....

cody asking if he could water all the new plants this morning...he got these clothes all wet...but it was worth it.


Arah said...

i don't care that brinley wore a bathing suit all day! It was hard trying to pry it off her when we got home because she fell asleep and didn't want me to touch her. What a booger! They had lots od fun and shme didn't even get a burn...amamzing! Your yard looks great. Wish I actually had some flowers or even a place to plant them. i need to go buy a million pots.

Darla said...

Jealous. i say that about everything it seems right now. But I am!! I LOVE being outside, and so do my kids! If only we had a yard, a garden, bushes, trees, flowers..., there's nothing like it. It's all beautiful Julie. Good job.

Marnie said...

looks good. Someday my yard will be done.