Monday, May 19, 2008

popcicle anomolies... and other orange things

cody is such a nerd. it's been like 90 all weekend, but today, he dug out this warm orange beanie hat and insisted he needed to wear it. it's too small (like size 18-24months) and i've tried to put it away with his baby stuff abuot 500 times. even when i'm sneaky, he asks where it is becuase he loves it. he looks like a peasant kid from the 1600's...

also, check out this:

have you ever seen such a thing? merv's brother joe discovered it in the bag of popcicles. a one-legged popcicle!! i was tempted to send the picture to jay leno or sell it on ebay... i was saving it in the freezer until i could decide what to do with it....but, we were one popcicle short when the neighbor boy came over, so i fed it to him. :)


Lana said...

I love the hat. That kiddo can wear anything and look great, and it's not just because I'm his grandma either

DeAnne said...

you have such a beautiful yard! i wish i could plants some flowers, but without a fenced yard, i am afraid the dumb deer would eat them all.