Wednesday, May 14, 2008

popcorn ceiling anyone?

this has got to be one of the nasiest, dirtiest renovation projects: scraping popcorn ceiling texture. just from our living room/dining/ hall areas we scraped like 4 garbage bags full of the awful stuff. it was ultra dusty and VERY messy. even using a spray bottle. i started out using a dry wall/putty knife, a spray bottle and a ladder. it was tedious and killed my arms. then merv thought of using this super handy scrapomatic-3000. i'm not completly sure what it's actual purpose or name is, but it works fantasticly for scraping the ceiling. we think its some kind of linolium tool. they sell them at home depot. i walked around spraying and merv scraped. what took me about 5 hours of time, took about 30 minutes with this thing. the water helps to soften the stuff as well as keep the dust down. the hassel was well worth it. the popcorn is now gone and mervs bro. joe came and helped us retexture, prime and paint the ceilings. (also very messy...) so in case anyone decides to scrape their ceiling get on of these suckers!!!


Marnie said...

looks fun, yet not fun at all.

Darla said...

Wow Julie. What a job! I'm sure it'll be very gratifying though..., hopefully. (: Thanks for the pic of Jared. He's so sweet.

Arah said... you like that tool? You took enough pictures of it. I'll have to vome back by and see the progress.