Thursday, May 29, 2008

sony gripes.

i'm due for a new computer. it's been a couple of years or so & this time i am seriously considering just purchasing a desk top. the last 2 have been laptops and i've loved & worn the heck out of both of them. but i just feel like a desk top would be a little more durable for my needs. the first lap top was a toshiba and i really loved it. the battery life was awesome and i like how heavy duty it was but it seemd to constantly over heat. second, i purchased a sony. i had heard nothing but how great they were. although i haven't had any serious operating issues, the actual hardware on the sony is crap!! i think they are overpriced becasue of the name or something. the battery is terrible and i can't stand the fact that it doesn't have a volume button. i actually have to push the function key and one of the f keys to adjust the volume. i also think the keyboard is really cheesy. it feels way to dainty and breakable. one of the shift keys snapped off shortly after i bought the computer and the 2 weeks it would take to have it repaired was just too long for me to bear. so i deal with it by using the oposite shift key. then cody fed it about 4 cents worth of pennies not too long after that. they have been sitting in the zip drive ever since. so my computer rattles a lot. since it was causing any operating issues, i just left them becuase i didn't want to be bothered with the wait time to take it in. and just the other day, i accidentaly snapped off the "L" key when i was wiping of the keyboard. do you have any idea how irritating it is to try and type with out an "L" key?! you have to stop and go back and retype in the "L" every time you need to use it. i had finally had enough last night and with some persistance and only a few minor cuss words & groans, finally got it snapped back on. the parts are like miniscule tiny bits of fragile plastic. i had to use my fingers and a pair of tweezers and try not to shoot the parts across the kitchen. i was pretty proud of myself for taking my time and fixing the problem but i don't like how fragile it is. the keyboard on the toshiba gets much higher points... anyway, about purchasing a new computer. i 'm thinking about converting to an apple as well. i haven't yet because i don't like the thought of having to replace all of the expensive software i aready have with apple versions. but i have heard they are great. any opinions on which brands you like or dislike?


Arah said...
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Arah said...

we have a HP and we like it. I love the keyboard, it had about 4 USB drives, but Brinley spilled juice on the mouse pad and it no longer works, so we have to haul around a mouse everywhere we go.
I would have bought more harddrive space, I don't think we have enough.
I have heard the MAC is a good computer.
Matt put a windows VISTA on our computer and it SUCKS! Plus, we can't update it.

Rocia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE my imac! they really have lowered their prices and most everything you need is already included. you can even run windows on it if you really want to. i vote on a shiny new imac. oh, my dad has always been an apple nerd, if you need any software give him a call.

Marisa said...

Go MAC! I have been a Mac-lover for over 3 years (My iBook has lasted that long with NO problems until now, I need to buy a new battery) and they are awesome! Especially for creative people like you!

Kami said...

You'll have to get Photoshop and a good Webhosting program for you Mac. If I would have known, i would have gone Mac to begin with probably.

I think with all the software I have, I'm stuck with windows.

I agree, vista sucks. I don't think anybody likes it.