Monday, May 5, 2008


bummer... my time was a couple of minutes longer than i was hoping for, but still good enough to qualify for other races.

Finish Time: 1:14:56

Overall Place: 7,765 out of 42,697

Ran with a pace of 10:02 per mile

The average pace for 28-year-olds was 14:17

Placed 182nd among people the same age

Placed 2,718th among people from Spokane, WA

Placed 5,757th among people from the State of Washington

Placed 3rd among people with the same last name

Placed 2,721st among females

Placed 88th out of 485 among 28-year-old females


Darla said...

yea Julie! You did well! How many miles were you running while training? I need to get back into running again. 5 miles for me is good! I think I'd be amongst the average other 28 yr. olds with the 14 minute mile pace (although I'm 29).

Cori said...

Way to go Julie, little miss fitness!

DeAnne said...

Yay! It looks like you guys had so much fun! Makes me want to be there. Nice job on your time too!

marychild said...

Congratulations Julie! I feel like I am pretty fit b/c I try to work out regularly, but the marathon thing is something I've never attempted as an adult. I have no idea how long I'd last, but I don't think it would be very long! Congratulations!

Kam said...

i love it. congrats! I am doing Bay 2 Breakers next week here. we shall see how i do considering i never run.