Sunday, June 22, 2008

busy bees.

we've had a busy week. last saturday we had some time to kill before heading over to a party so merv decided we should go visit baby olivia's gravesite. it was very serene and peaceful. cody loved it. i just wish my allergies hadn't been acting up so bad. we peeked around at olivia's neighbors & i discovered a women who is buried near olivia who shares my same birthday just 40 years earier. :) cody picked his sweet cousin some flowers. the apples were left by someone else for the deer who visit. i remember the day she was buried he asked me in all of his innocence, "mom, is this heaven?" when we pulled up to the cemetery. he asks about her often & i think when he is older i will be able to better explain it to him. i hope she didin't mind that he was perched up on her little spot most of the time we were there.

then we went to a luau at the phelps house. they always throw the best parties and know how to throw down a good spread. all of the food was polynisian/hawaiian themed & completly gourmet. merv talked about the shish-kabobs all week. :) thanks for inviting us!!

then, later in the week: the new water park opened on the south hill so we took the bambinos. it's awesome for moms & kids! we visited the one on the northside a couple of years ago and have been waiting for this closer one to open. the kids had a blast and the price is super cheap, $2.50 for kids! arah and i are thinking about splitting the family pass for the season.

...afterwards we stopped by maggie moos for ice cream. of course the kids picked the most toxic flavor possible.

this stuff is seriously like neon blue. i remember going to the icecream shop and always picking the blue bubblegum flavor. i can't imagine eating that stuff now days.... mmmmmm.. yummy.

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Arah said...

i'm sure Olivia didn't mind Cody perched on top of her. She loves visitors.