Monday, June 2, 2008

dragonfly family.

the original light i wanted to get for the dining room was a little out of the budget at around $500, so i settled for another that i found at home depot. i haven't been terribly fond of it, but figured it would do until i could find something better. i was finally able to go yard sale-ing saturday with arah and mom in a great neighborhood and i came across this super cute dragon fly sconce.

the people selling it had just bought the house and took it down because it didn't fit their needs in a bedroom. i know it's not a traditional dining room fixture, but i REALLY love it!! i figured if merv didn't like it i could just sell it, but he likes it too. plus, it doesn't hang down as far over the tabe like the chandelier does. and the table i'm getting is one of the taller square tables so it will be out of the way. plus, it's kind of like it's own conversation piece. i mean really, how many dragon fly lights do you actually see?


Rocia said...

super super cute! how awesome are garage sales? i can't wait to go to my parents this summer and hit up a few. they are few and far between here. however, craigslist is AWESOME! i can't wait to see you guys' place all finished. keep the pictures coming.

Megan Erickson said...

Lovin the dragon flies!!! I love things like that! The place is lookin good!

Marisa said...

Awesome! I wouldn't even know what to look for at Garage sales, but you guys always find the coolest stuff!

DeAnne said...

That is really cool. something I would never have picked. I have terrible interior, and exterior for that matter, decorating skills. Hey, did you get your table yet. There is one on Craig's List that some people are selling-basically brand new. I would love it, but totally not in the budget right now. I heard from the lady today and she said they still have it. Looks really nice. Maybe you could get a good deal. I don't know what they are asking. Here's the link:

It is listed on 5-31 and says "**ESTATE SALE*** Everything must go"...etc.

Let me know if that doesn't work, if you are interested, that is. Your home is looking beautiful!


Forever Young said...

I wish I had the nat for finding cute stuff. I love the dragon fly sconce, and your right it is totally a conversation starter on it's own. I love looking at your blog, I get the best ideas;)