Sunday, June 15, 2008

home depot.

we are finally to the stages in the project where we can see an end in sight. friday night we made what will hopefully be one of our last trips to home depot. cody really loved going to home depot at one time, and now after about a uncountable visits and sometimes several in a single day, not so much. we picked out the slate tile for the entry way and all of the additional finishing touches. friday night we started working on the rest of the base and floor trim and were seriously about to loose it. by about midnight merv decided that we all needed a nice day off from home improvement projects. the weather was WONDERFUL today, and we enjoyed a much needed day off. cody spent his last day at kindergarten yesterday, i can't believe he will actually be a first grader next year. bittersweet for me... and of course i brought my camera to get a picture with his heaven sent teacher, but i managed to leave the battery at home.... :(

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Marnie said...

I love those sun pictures. I will have to try it some time.