Thursday, June 26, 2008


so we recieved an unexpected suprise when i discovered that i am pregnant! only about 4 or 5 arah calculated that i'm due around march 1. it's funny because once again my sisters (minus kami) are all pregnant again together!! we went through this same thing about 6 years ago. so we'll all be expecting another crop of babies a few months apart.

cody is super, super excited and asks every day when the baby will show up. i've been trying to explain to him how pregnancy works & we found this picture of a size reference. the wee babe is approx. the size of a poppyseed.
having a few days to digest the information and think about it has evoked all kinds of feelings in me. mostly excitement, but a little nervousness. we are so far past the newborn baby phase with cody that we will be starting over from scratch as far as all of the gear and readjusting the life & home. merv is as happy as a clam about it all. i was a little nervous about the gap in age but i know a family is a family no matter what. i have a some cousins, both carmel & ganel-lyn, who have been through similarities with their own families as far as age gaps.
i found some pretty interesting information about it as well.

...on having children 5 years apart or more::

The Playground Wisdom: Whether your intention was to wait awhile between kids or time just flew by, there are big winners with this spacing. Your kids each get the benefits of being an only child -- lots of individual attention -- but also the companionship of a sibling, even if they're not super-tight. Meanwhile, you get to focus on each child with more freedom. "I definitely feel like I'm getting to know my kids as individuals," says Mary Ann , a mother of three who had an eight-year break between her firstborn and her second. Lisa who has three kids -- ages 12, 10, and 5 -- agrees: "A large gap between children has allowed me to cherish the moments I have with my youngest child."

The Highs: Like Cher on a comeback tour, you're a little older but smarter and more confident. "I'm not as frazzled as I was with my two older children," says Laurente. "I have a more patient take on parenting. I've learned not to sweat the small stuff." Your husband will likely feel the same way too. As a couple, you've had years to practice being a united front for the kids while also making time for each other, so this spacing may be the easiest on your marriage. Your firstborn may get a boost too. Laurente says her older kids were mature enough to really pitch in. "They learned to be more independent and help each other." Meanwhile, don't write off the buddy potential. "I didn't know whether a 4-year-old and 10-year-old would want to spend a lot of time together, but the kids play, and sometimes fight, like the best of friends," says Lachelle, another mom. Your little one gets a more sophisticated mentor than he would with a sibling closer in age. As they grow up together, the older child can help guide his younger sibling through the world of playground rules, schoolwork, cliques, and lots more.

The Lows: You're commuting every day between Kid Nation -- with grade-school obligations and evening Little League -- and Planet Baby, which requires that you carry a cubic ton of gear, and likely a fussy infant, everywhere you go. "It was quite an adjustment," says Laurente, of returning to diapers and naps after such a long break. "I didn't think about how exhausted I'd be trying to entertain a toddler while attending baseball games." That may mean less time and energy for baby-friendly "Mommy and Me" activities. Financially, this spacing has some downfalls. Your stroller and car seat will be out-of-date, so you'll need all new gear.
Expert Wisdom: Forget jealous -- your older child might act positively bitter. "The arrival of a new baby can be more difficult for someone who's been an only child for a long time," says Dr. Maholmes. "You have nine months to prepare him; use this time to talk about all the good and potentially tough changes coming." Harmony-at-Home Tip: The baby will get plenty of the spotlight, so remember to dote on your former only. "Abby loves to read bedtime stories to her little sisters," says Guman, "but we also give her special privileges like letting her stay up a little later at night. She likes to just hang out with us."


Arah said...

I don't think Cody is going to have too hard of a time adjusting. He has wanted you to go get a baby from the doctor for over a year now. That kid is EXCITED! I am happy that we will have kids so close again.

Hope said...

Ganel-Lyn is too rare a name for you NOT to know the same Ganel-Lyn that I know! Does she live in North Salt Lake? Tall, beautiful, blonde hair?

Hope said...

Oh! And congratulations! You know, there are 12 years between me and the next sibling. I grew up idolizing her and now that we're older the age-gap has shrunk & we're very, very close. It definitely has it's advantages so don't worry...your kids will have a unique, GREAT relationship!'s not as uncommon as it used to be.

Kaisa Bailey said...

SO SO exciting!!!!!!! Congratulations....another cute Eggleston baby.....Hope you're feeling ok!

julie said...

haha! small world hope! yes she does live up in salt lake. she is very beauitful and has modeled for a few things in salt lake. she's been on a couple of billboards for wasatch women magazine i guess. by the way, i'm glad you commented... i've been trying to track down your blog. what happened? ;)

jordan and maci said...

thanks for your sweet comment julie-- and congratulations on the babe! i am very happy for you... and i hope you are feeling better than i did in those early stages:)

Darla said...

Babies babies everywhere!!

Cindy said...

Congrats on the upcoming baby event. A couple months behind me. I am just so happy that everyone is getting pregnant again, friends, family, and everyone else. The house is looking very nice. It will be such a relief to get it complete. Also, I have to say I love the cleavage shot of Arah. I bet she really appreciates you posting that picture. She showed us her sunburn at GNO the other night and ouchy. She's crazy to expose those babies again : ) Hopefully you'll be at the next girl's night again. It will be good to see you

Arah said...

i jst set up a blog for Corinne. You can find a link from mine.