Monday, June 9, 2008

rain anyone?

i think i woke up on the wrong side of the bed. then i stopped to get gas and paid $4.02 a gallon. i thought i would cry. it's a balmy 50 degress with rain and wind. in all of the years i've lived in spokane, i've never seen weather like this in june. after our torture of a winter i figured we would get a litte break. i brought my laptop & ipod to work at hastings, the bookstore while i'm waiting for cody to get out of school. listening to john denver and don williams when the weather is such crap can be pretty depressing. and it seems like maybe somebody programmed my ipod to play only the slow sad songs, even though i have it set to random. but i did hear this morning that jack johnson, who is my idol, will be coming to the gorge later this summer.... which is good news.

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Darla said...

It's a difficult time to be happy. It really is. I went to a conference this weekend titled "Living After the Manner of Happiness". Sadly, I didn't come home feeling that much better. How do we find the good when so much is bad? Well, as you pointed out, we look to the things that really make us happy (our kids, hubbys, being outside, etc.). I just hope I can somewhat keep my chin up through all of this. It's not easy!! As for Jack Johnson, you better take me along since I WILL be out there this summer. (: