Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i know my baby is growing up when i'm selling his thomas the trains on ebay.... he hasn't touched any of them in 6 months. i think he is starting to outgrow them. actually, he had such a huge collection we decided to get rid of the plastic stuff & keep all of the little really cool metal trains and tracks stored away in a special place. i think i might have gotten a litte choked up when i actually listed them for sale. while i was taking pictures i remembered that cody had even autograophed a few of the peices at some time.

anyone that knows cody knows his lifelong obbsession with trains....

cody: mom?

me: ya cody?

cody: i never want to get rid of these trains. i love them & i want to save them for my boy.

me: ya, thats a pretty great idea little dude.

i remember trying to hoard everything when i was a kid. i always wanted to save every dress i outrgrew because i was sure my kids would want to wear them and all of my dolls......i wonder if my sisters remember doing this?...


Arah said...

do you know how many of my dolls I still have? I gave Brinley my stuffed animals since she is obsessed with anything stuffed. She's not into dolls, so we'll see what this next baby is.
I still have monkey...that really falice monkey. ansd I love that thing still. It is in my baby box.

Risawn said...

Yes, I remember! I had a few clothes that I wanted to save for my children, I think we were so used to hand me downs that we didn't think anything about saving something for the next generation.

And to think my kids and I will probably have a thirty year difference in age, nothing like wearing your parent's vintage crap from when they were kids.

Good thing mom never did that with us :)