Monday, June 30, 2008

we sure do love summer.

i came across these pictures of a camping trip up at round lake taken last summer. i couldn't resist.

cody looks like he hasn't been bathed in a week.... maybe he hadn't... we haven't been camping yet this year due to the late & busy spring... maybe we can convince someone to go with us one of these weekends. hmmm? anyone?

we have been able to make a trip canoeing.

which was fun ...& very toasty.... and a little nasty when we found a very bloated deer floating in the water....i neary barfed when i reaized what it was and got a whiff... i fell asleep in the living room last night because i was roasting and wanted to be near the cool air. i woke up at about 4am to a bright pink wall, a reflection of the sky which was in hues of brilliant pink where the sun was getting ready to rise.

it was incredible. i had to go stand on the porch and watch for a few minuted. listening to the birds chirp. it was very serene & peaceful. these pictures do not do it justice. i am not normally a morning person. usually complete opposite- up late into the night and watchng the moon and stars rotate around the sky over the seasons. so watching the sun rise was really amazing to see. i am thankful i live in such a beautiful place.

also, i am very happy my sister
corinne started a blog. :)

ps: hey kami, i ran into bro. mclause our seminary teacher, at zachs baptism this weekend.. . he is now the bishop in merv's brothers ward and says hello!! it was really awesome to sit and chat with him and catch up on what all those kids are up to from back in the day. we realized it has been nearly 12 years since then.


Arah said...

boy, cody had some long summer hair. Those kids were so cute...still are.
I was surprised by Corinne's phone call that she was needing a little help figuring out how to set up a blog, but I am glad to see that she was willing.
Now she just needs a little practice on posting pictures.

Darla said...

What adorable kids!! We'll go camping with you (if we can ever get Geof. out to Spokane with me!). The whole bloated deer story was NASTY! My sister-in-law was doing the same thing, canoeing, when she saw the head of a moose right under the surface of the water. YUCK! I would totally freak and probably fall in the water with the carcass...spelling??