Tuesday, July 29, 2008

baby news.

i had my first dr. appointment yesterday. the baby is due feb 28 so i'm around 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. they also found a really fast heartbeat. i guess the old wives tale says that the faster heartbeats over 160 are boys and the slower girls, (...anyone else heard this?..) but i'm not sure i believe it. although another boy would be great! the very resourceful chinese prediction calander says a boy too... so it must be true. ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008


...so we drove the hour up to farragut friday afternoon to discover that every campground in northern idaho was completly full! the ranger gave us a list of every campground in idaho and the phone numbers and i called and found one about 1 hour south of coeur d'alene with some space available... i REALLY didn't want to drive all the way back home so merv was a sport and decided to make the drive. we didn't arrive until aout 10:00pm and had to set up the tent in the dark. but we had a really good weekend. it's located right on the bottom tip of lake coeur d'alene called benewah in hayburn state park, about 10 miles west of st.maries, idaho off of the st.joe river.
cody loved the place. he was a complete dirt ball and loved every minute of it. creating rock creatures ...

and fishing right of the dock. he caught fish after fish after little fish.... some kind of yellow spikey things that i've never seen before...

we napped some, hiked some and cooked good food & ate reeces peanut butter cup smores (the best kind of smores)...

and slept with the tent top off to check out the stars at night ...

we had no idea this place even existed. you drive and drive and drive through wheat fields and then all of the sudden your in the middle of this beautiful forest along the lake. on the way home, we discovered there were hardly any gas stations or stores so we stopped at the coeur d'alene casino to use the potty and grab a bite to eat. we'll probably go to hell but i was sure to explain to cody that those pretty machines and that fancy building are all just a trick to steal your money. i saw this on the way out and couldn't resist a picture:

Friday, July 25, 2008


"enjoy bimbo donas!! " (said with spanish accent, or french?)

cody & i followed this truck home the other night... so funny.


after a busy week of working on business taxes, plugging away on small house projects, turning 29 (thanks for all of the birthday wishes, cake & pizza!) and being pregnant and tired, we're going camping in idaho at farragut this weekend. cody's been begging FOREVER and we haven't been once this year. we're going next weekend with the whole fam too. i wish i new which site was better: snowberry or whitetail?


so excited!!
my brother brian started a family blog:


Monday, July 21, 2008


merv, cody & i picked a bunch of raspberries this weekend from merv's moms garden. we tried not to eat them all, so i could take them to my moms to make rasberry jam. she did most of the work. i just stirred mostly. my first jam canning experience. it turned out SOOOO good. last week was cherry week: jam, syrup & she made the best cherry fruit leather- YUMMY!! when the peaches come in a couple of weeks i want to make peach fruit leather.
barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

mmmmm, food.

we've been busy eating as much as possible. we discovered a couple of great places: this cute little neighborhood ice cream shop called the scoop. it's up on 25th. cody was happy until his ice cream fell on the grass and his mean mom was too impatient to wait in the lONG line for another.....
...and perry street cafe which has thee-best-breakfast. especially french toast. if your into that. and i am. i think i've tried every place in town and this place is my favorite. :) cody even tried his first cup of hot chocolate (complete with whip cream and sprinkles). which is a big deal for cody. nothing like hot chocolate in 90 degree july.

.... and we aren't completly finished (real darn close...) but, the hooks are on the wall and cody likes them. thanks for a GREAT idea arah.... just a few floor transition peices here and there and some eectrical outlet covers and misc stuff and we'll be set. with these parts of the house at least. then onto the kitchen. maybe next year when we can breath again.

don't mind the toilet. but it drove me nuts forever every time i walked in. why in the world would someone design a house with a toilet as the first thing you see when you open the front door? oh well.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of july recap.

cakes for dad and cody:

makaela, isabel, brinley, cody

pinata matey, argh....

pinata loot...
pre fireworks with uncle j-rod:

baby fireworks on the river:

mama egg and merv...
merv, julie and mike the wierdo:
makaela enjoying the traditional pre firework snowcone:
isabel & hattie:
makaela and julie:
sisterly love....
boy & dad:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

happy birthday coda-boda.

wow. 6 years already. i remember when i went into labor the night at the grand opening of krispy kreme donuts on a very, very hot july night. cody was born the next morning,on july 2nd at 11am and welcomed into the world by a ton of family... he shares his birthday with some pretty special people. ( happy birthday kambria and lakai!)

mama: cody what so you want for your birthday?

cody: i don't know... some birthday cake and water baloons... & just a few presents

mama: what kind of presents?

cody: i don't know, just something to open..

cody: ...but i want a banilla cake shaped like a star with banilla frosting with blue sprinkles and red sprinkles. kind of like fireworks ....

we had a mini pre birthday party tonight with just the 3 of us and let cody open some of his birthday gifts.

tomorrow for we're going to krispy kreme for birthday donuts and to see
wall-e with the family and then celebrating his birthday with granpa jims on the 4th of july with real birthday cake, pinatas & more of the cousins in town.