Tuesday, July 1, 2008

100 things about me.

in honor of my 100th post, which is such a grand event, i decided to do a list of 100 things about me, in no particular order…...alright then here’s my list: (i threw some pictures in here and there to keep it interesting. )

1: i like to mow the grass. mostly the satisfaction of it afterwards.

2: i love to receive unexpected packages & letters

3: finding shoes that fit my feet majorly mismatched feet,

4: the farmers market,

5: korny gift shops that cause you to lose all reason and purchase total crap (theres a great one down in new mexico on an indian reservation along route 66, also all of the turquoise indian stands in arizona... )

6: & extra-fine black pilot pens.

7: i'm not really into watching professional sports so much. but...

8: i‘ve been to one 49ers game, a kings game and a jazz game.

9: i’ve been in a hot air balloon down in the sanoma valley.

10:i was only engaged for about 6 weeks. and got married on a beach.

11:i have a tendancy to make spontaneous and often irrational desicions. thankfully, i have learned lessons from this.

12:i like finding headbands that don't pinch. because i have a really big head. i think it comes from my dad, along with my big protruding forhead. some of my neices & nephews have inherited this as well.

13:i don’t like dark chocolate. or cadbury eggs at easter time.

14:if there is anything better than a bonfire and wiener roast on the beach i'd like to know.
15:the first tape i owned was this really, really cheesy amy grant tape. i don’t even like amy grant or know why I had it. i listened to it over and over.

16:music is really important to me and often a song can bring me right back to a specific point in time. jon denver always reminds me of my parents...jimmy eat world & pj harvey both remind me of merv.

17:i could make a 100 list of music way easier than I could about myself.

18: i once caught a guitar pick at a metallica concert. i have no idea where it is now.

19: my brother jared & i decided to fo to a white zombie concert when we were ike 15 & 17. it was on a school night so we tricked my mom in to letting us go by playing her some really mellow music and telling her it was them. this was very naughty and i hope my kids never do this to me. but we weren't always so rotten. i was always afraid to hurt my parents feelings.

20. i’ve been a die hard led zeppelin fan since high school. although i don’t listen to them much anymore, i'm glad i was able to see them live. (well, part of them...)

21. i mostly listen to mellow music that is kid safe now.

22:i love watching the moon,

23:the scent of citrus,

24:midnight bowls of cereal,

25: toes painted pink,

26: & walks around downtown.

27: i eat at least one apple every day.

28: i use to make real scrap books from real scraps before there were scrap booking stores. i was super excited when they opened a scrap book store.

29:i don’t scrapbook much anymore. but i miss it

30: i like to be creative.

31: i sure do love yard sales

32: i love that my husband puts up with all the flea market junk in the house. i'm always finding something i can't live without. then every six months or so i have to go through the crap and get rid of a lot of it.

33: i’m not a cat lover,

34: but I love doggies.

35: as a child, i was terrified of dogs. i’m not any more, but if I see a large dog running nearby, i do get a little panicked.

36: spiders use to scare the crap out of me too, but i'm trying to get over that too because there sure are a lot of big brown hairy spiders around here....

37:i try to carry too many things at once. usually from or to the car. in my mind i’m thinking” “how can I get all of this stuff to the car in one trip?” i think it takes more time to juggle than actually taking 2 trips.

38: i tend to pile more on my plate than i should and then panic when i can't finish it all.

39: i use to hate running when i was younger-running was like torcher. i really enjoy it now.

40: i’m really, really bad with names, but not so much with faces.

41: i love dangly earrings.

42: & i love babies.

43: in my dream house, i hope i get a big huge sunken bathtub.

44: matt, cody, brinley & i watched the neighbors house burn to the ground, that was strange. it seemed to burn so much more quickly than i expected. not like the movies at all.

45.i watched my grandma stop breathing in her sleep. i'll never forget it.

46: i have a tattoo but i wish I didn’t.

47: i love the feel of cool, clean cotton sheets.

48: i love the ocean.

49: some day I really want to take a month and drive with merv & cody & my other future babies all over the U.S.A.

50: i have a chicken pock scar right on the end of my nose.

51: i won a coloring contest in kindergarten, the prize was a pink nike duffle bag.

52: unfortunatly i really suck at math beyond he basic stuff, but i've managed to survive because of my other redeaming qualities.

53: i love being in or near the water.

53: i’ve turned into an unorganized packrat.

54: i use to be very organized.

55: then i had a boy. and my time magically disappeared along with my organized life.

56: i love when things in my life are a little more organized.

57: but its also nice to relax once in a while.

58: i tend to be a mjor worry wart, my grandma always said i would get an ulcer from too much worrying.

59: i love to barbq pretty much anything.

60: especially steak and shishka bobs, and onions too. yum!

61: i really like playing in dirt.

62:my sister arah and I use to go for drives really late at night at like 2 am. this was after we were out of high school. it was fun.

63: i think this was when we started to connect. i think she kind of resented me more growing up.

64:and then another connection when we both had children. now we tight. most of the time.

65: we shared a room & we use to listen to loveline with adam corrola & dr. drew on the radio in high school, laying on our beds and staring at the popcorn ceiling. i hate popcorn ceiling. but i also hate removing it.

66: I craved orange juice and peppercinis like CRAZY when I was pregnant.

67: i fly fished in alaska and only caught one tiny little fish.

68:i held it that special way for the picture to make it appear larger.

69:i love family reunions & planning family get togethers. big or small.

70: i love my family. very, very, very much. over the years we have grown to appreciate one anothers quirks.

71: i also love birthdays. mine and others too. everyone deserves to be celebrated & doted on once in awhile.

72: i've always wanted to name a daughter toby. i don’t think i will now that I have a son named cody.

73:i also like the name robyn but that wouldn’t work either: robyn EGGleston……... i'm thinking maybe i'll name a girl kami. even though cody says we already have a kami.

74: i have an abnormal sleeping pattern,

75:i would like to ad a black pug doggie to the family. merv actually almost bought me one last summer, but i talked him out of it. cody was sad...

76:one year i received a christmas card & $100 gift certificate to bed & bath. yhe only problem was, after i opened it i realized it was addressed to someone else. i returned it to the sender. they were so happy to get the card back that they sent a thank you card along with a gift ceritficate to pizza hut. you can get pizza for being honest.

77: kami woke me up at 7am on sept. 11 and we watched both of the trade center towers fall on live telivision. that was bizarre.

78: i loved my 3rd grade teacher mrs.womack. she was so pretty. she made me want to be a teacher too. i always thought i would teach someday.

79: my siblings and i built an underground fort in the dirt. it was AWESOME. and muddy. we had a lot of mud ball fights.

80: we have a good friend named phil mewhiney. yes, it really is pronounced feel-ma-winnie. We giggle every time we get his voicemail. “…“hi this is phil mewhiney…..”

81:my cousin missy is very very funny. we use to stay up really late and listen to her prank call people. she would have us rolling and in tears from laughter. this was in the days before caller id and *69.

82: my cousin ron does the worlds greatest church lady immpression from saturday night live.

83: when i was about 19 i got a flat in the utah salt flats (the irony) without a cell phone... some long haul trucker stopped to help me. thankfully i wasn’t abducted and dumped some where in the desert.

84: when i was 20 i spent a night alone in a total cracked out motel once in the super nasty mexican border town of el paso. i was driving to pick up my sister in texas. i was VERY tired and desperate for sleep. (i've considered driving back through there jsut to see if it is as nasty as i remember...)

85: the thoughts of these incidences make me cringe.

86: my relationship with cody has developed tremendously over the last year. we are very good friends. i love him more than i ever thought possible.

87: i also love my husband more now than ever. he says the funniest stuff. and i am finally learning to appreciate his sarcasm and not take it too seriously. he is a big time history & geography buff & full of stupid human tricks, as we fondly call them.

88: i really admire my parents relationship and the fact they have been married for 35 years amazes me.

89:kami arah jared & i use to play barbies, gi joes & ninja turtles together. it was fun. we also played legos and monopoly. we would start a game on friday night and it would last all weekend because we would give each other loans so nobody could win.

90: all of my dolls got thrashed. my sister corinne kept her's perfect. i was a little jealous as a little girl that hers were so pretty. but it was because arah & i played with barbies until we were like in high school. seriously. i was a super late bloomer. and a dork.

91:i had my growth spurt my senior year in high school.

92:i had a crap self esteem. i think it was partly because of my late bloomerness. i became a follower instead of a leader and always tried to please others to a fault. instead of standing up for myself. this got me into a lot of trouble.

93: i never had to have braces or retainers.

94: i admired my older brother & sister corinne & brian. growing up, i always thought that they were much older than i was and i always wanted to do what they got to do.

95: i always felt like the "little kids".

96: i always though it was fun to go with my dad to the dump. even though it stunk really bad, there was all that neat stuff to look at.

97: i stutter when i‘m nervous & i also ramble a lot. this annoys my husband.

98: in my early -mid 20’s I wrote a lot of poetry. most of it is crap.

99: speaking of poetry, i love road trips. i did this a lot throughout my late teens and 20’s. something about being in the car with the music…...i'd see something aong the road or hear something in a song that would spark a thought……...and then i'd get super melancholy and emotional and happy… and teary eyed……... and think of all of the people i needed to express my love to. then i would think of a good poem or story & stop to write.

100: i consider spokane my home now. my family has been here going on 12 years this september and i do love it here.

101: this was fun and i reccommend trying it. even though it takes awhile....


Arah said...

that was very cool...and must have taken you a long time to think about. I don't know if i have 100 things to write abotu myself.

julie said...

of course you do. it did take awhile. i've been working on it for about 3 months off and on. i saw the idea on a blog i read regularly. :)

Marisa said...

You must be very Erickson, because I share almost all these traits with you! From carrying too much stuff from the car to writing poetry and crying to the late bloomer/growth spurt... except I had jacked teeth and actually had to get braces. Anyway, this was super fun to read... I feel so special to call you my cousin!

Kaisa Bailey said...

We must be Ericksons... my JUNIOR year in high school I got asked if I got a boob job. Thanks for the late blooming/big bust mom and g-ma.
It was weird to see how much we have in common, we all felt like the younger kids...I LOVE citrus in every way....My husband seems a lot like Merv....THE LIST GOES ON. I will always wish we were all closer, but look how much more I know, now that we all blog. Thanks for sharing........ by the way, I need your address...would you mind emailing it to me? kaisabailey@gmail.com

Raquel & Marc said...

So much of the things you wrote reminded me of Rocia/Kaisa/me. You are funny and Cody is so cute! We always talk about how we wished you live closer. I loved the post. I wish Spokane was in California and WAY closer.