Sunday, August 31, 2008


we had our last big hoorah before school starts. we took a trip over by seattle to see brian & becca's family in duvall. merv had to work so i tagged along with arah, brinley, mom and dad. we had a great time and darla was able to come up from battle ground with her kidlets and meet geof at the airport.

the yard is seroiously like a kids paradise. all of the kids love it here!

thanks for letting us come and thrash your house. :)

some random pictures....


brinely & cody
cody & cole:

isabel & cody:
cody & mugley:
mom & darla:

sweet baby june:
brian & becca (playing some serious cards):
stick kids:

me, darla & arah:

dad & june:
brinley & isabel:
darla & cody:
grandma edie & june:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i went it for a checkup yesterday & was suprised to find out i was going to have an early ultrasound. (the dr. thought i was measuring a little big... but found out my uterus is just tilted and making me measure wrong....) It was so awesome to see the baby moving around and be abe to see all of the parts in the right places. i can't believe how fully they are developed at only 13 1/2 weeks! the lady said its hard to tell the sex this early cause boy and girl parts tend to like a like until a few more weeks out. i'll have another ultrasound in about a month to find out exacty what we're having. anyway, she said i am measuring about 5-6 days further along.

Monday, August 25, 2008


saturday was our yearly silverwood excursion for mervs company picnic. thanks matt and arah for letting us take brinley! (this picture was taken on the way out, not in. & thats why the kids look so thrilled...)

...good grief... is this many arm bands really necessary?

>we got into the park an hour early to ride all of the rollercoaster without lines. cody and brinley actually wanted to do it this year. i was hesitant to let brinley go cause she was only like a 1/4 inch taller than the sign and i thight she might fly out or come fof screaming... but i was wrong. she LOVED it. cody on the other hand was not so sure.

but he was pretty happy about the airplanes as usual.

my every growing belly... i feel like i'm pregnant with triplets or something. is it normal to show so earlier with a second pregnacy or what?i would rather just get tickets to bouder beach. it's my favorite part.
"we don't want to go home yet cause we aren't tiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeedddddddddddd!!!!! "

we had to leave a little early to get back in time for my brothers birthday.
happy 32 jared!! love you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


merv an i went on a little date last night up to beneditos pizza on the south hill, (which was awesome by the way!) and then to see the rocker, the new movie with that idiot from the office, who we are quite fond of.
the movie was alright but the outifts and really bad hair were what made it worth it. and of course merv loves stuff about his favorite hobby ever. drumming. but my favorite part was before the movie started. we had some time to kill so we browsed around in the baby gap and found a sweet little unisex-ish baby outfit for baby egg. merv picked it out and i love it.

i'm a big fat sucker for baby & kid hats. the hat actually has a little bill on the front, but i couldn't find the real picture on the website so just pretend.

Monday, August 18, 2008

ben stein.

"bueller.... bueller.... bueller....bueller....?"

mom came home from utah so dad asked if i could pick her up from the airport tonight. before i left to, i got a call from her on the small commuter flight from seattle to spokane telling me that she was on the plane with none other than ben stein. i love the "win ben stien's money " show & ferris beuller....

she said he had signed her plane ticket & taken a picture with her. right on! i wanted to see him too! i mean if your going to meet a celebrity it might as well be a good one, right? so i got to the airport a little early with a camera and a dirty hat of merv's that he threw at me as i was running down the stairs, "hey, see if he'll sign this for me!"

anyway, the spokane airport is reatively tiny & the flight was also tiny so i saw him walk right off and like a dork snapped a flash picture. he looked right at me and said, "hi. how are you?"

(and yes, he really does wear old tennis shoes with suits in real life! just like on his show.)
then my mom walked off and told me he was going to be in the baggage claim to meet people. you know, just like a regular guy. so we found him and he took a picture and signed my husbands nasty hat, "be cool merv, ben stein" haha, priceless.

i guess he & his wife have a condo in sandpoint, close to spokane. (which is probably something he doesn't want the whole world knowing...but who really reads this anyway...)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


today was toasty. maybe it felt even more toasty because my body is slowly transitioning into a toaster. anyway, we spent the afternoon at mom & dads with arah & matt. mom's been out of town in utah all week with brian and his girls and we didn't want dad to get too lonely or hungry. so we took him some french-dip-sandwiches-and-chocolate-cream-pie-dinner. it was nice just to hang out and watch some olympics....but the womens sand volley ball against china! terrible, it was pretty sad. however, everything involving the mens track and field was amazing, no matter who won. i believe some of those kenyan runners were running here in spokane for the bloomsday race. :) anyway.... after we got home tonight, cody rode around the neighborhood on his bike and showed us all of his "tricks". the video below is my favorite. he rides and then sticks his legs and feet straight forward to rest on the "girlfriend bars" as we call them. you know, the bars hanging off of the front wheels to give your buddy a ride. its the cutest thing & he is so proud of it. (oh, and don't mind the narrator... is it just me or does everyone hate the sound of their own voice?)
i had to snap a few pictures because i realized today is august 17th and he will be starting 1st grade in a couple of short weeks. no more summer and riding around the neighborhood carelessly all day and evening...this was the first summer he learned to ride without his training wheels. and i still can't believe i will be sending him to school for 6 1/2 hours a day! he still such a baby to me. we recently went and stocked up on back to school supplies & goodies, backpacks and a brand new insulated lunch bag and water bottle. (no one uses those super rad but outdated metal boxes anymore that we used, however i must say they were way cooler looking....) the summer always seems to go too fast. we do have a few more fun things planned before the summer is up. including a trip to seattle with the fam. and maybe i'll finish one of the 3 books i started at the beginning of the summer...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

koi & pimps.

cody & i went and visited a friend on the south hill who has this amazing yard, complete with a huge koi pond. cody loved feeding these foot long monsters. i thought for a minute that these would be a cool pet. i had no idea that fish hibernate in the winter like bears or somthing, even in this freezing place called spokane... they just cover the pond and the fish go to sleep in the bottom.

...oh, & the other day we were in value village and they already had out all of this halloween stuff. these guys came running around the corner wearing these ridiculous hats. i don't think they realized they were reserved for pimps only.

Monday, August 11, 2008

blue angels

the blue angels air show was in town at the air force base this weekend.and i was impressed. i've been once before when i was about 10 down in san francisco but i didn't really appreciate it at the time. the best part was the raptor jet. INCREDIBLE what those things can do. we caved in and bought cody his very own dog togs. a true bargain at 15 bucks! we planned to meet arah, matt & brinley but didn't run into them until the very end. the parking was a disaster ( it tooks about about 2 hours to get out of the place...with only 2 tiny exits and about 100,000 people...) and the food was EXPENSIVE but it was highly worth it.