Tuesday, August 5, 2008

aunt soldier kami.

these are a few pictures of my cute baby sister kami. (they are pretty old because she no longer even uses this uniform in the military....) she's codys hero because he loves soldiers and pretending to be one. he asks about "aunt soldier kami" all of the time and we look at these pictures a lot. we are proud of her & love her very very much but we can't wait until she comes home from playing drill sargent and gets married and has babies and lives happily ever after. the end.


DeAnne said...

i'm speechless...you go girl. it's sort of weird to see kami in all that camo and holding that big gun.

Arah said...

she should be home just in time to meet Sarah Mae...yippee!

Risawn said...

Ah, thanks Julie.

I need to update my pictures and get some current ones.

Here's a good one in my opinion:


Hetzlers said...

HI Julie! SO glad you found me! I love your family picture!! We need to get one so bad! Last one we had done was when Corbin was 6 weeks old! How are you?! Hope life is treating you well! Kami's Blog cracks me up! She reminds me so much of my sister Maranda. I can't believe how big your boy has gotten! Crazy how fast time flies!

Congradulations on #2 on the way! We are going to start on our #2 somewhere toward the end of Sept. First one happened fast- we'll see how long it takes for #2.

I added you to my list too- have a great evening!


Darla said...

Where IS Kami?? She's so dang tough. I can't believe all she does. What great pics. I love that one of here with all those kids!!

Marnie said...

Yes, come home get married, have babies-no presure.