Tuesday, August 5, 2008

gas hogs no more.

we've been gas hogs for much too long. for our anniversary, merv went & bought me a new car. we finally decided that filling up both a 4runner & his chevy truck with gas every week was just too much. (...umm like $5-600 a month between the 2... holy crap!) the thing that is really sad, is that trucks and suvs have totally lost their value over the past year. people are practically giving them away just to get out from under the gas prices and the values keep dropping on them cause no one really wants them anymore. so, merv traded in his beloved truck for a new honda civic which i'll drive and he'll drive the 4runner.... unless i'm pregnant with more than one baby which would change everything..... but thats another story. the gas difference is like a 1/3 of what the truck was so it is totally worth it. i had a civic before and really, really loved it. so now we're only partial gas hogs and our neighbor won't hate us anymore.


Arah said...

wow, nice gift. good job Merv! So is it black and just like the picture?

DeAnne said...

that's an awesome gift! justin and i joked when we got our new gas hog jeep that it was our anniversary present to each other. i hate thinking about how much gas is to fill it. i'm totally more conscious of the driving i do now. my darn husband is just so freakin tall, he doesn't fit well in small cars.

Kera said...

we are in the market... let me know how you love it? did you shop around awhile, maybe you could save us some time and tell us whats best :)