Thursday, August 14, 2008

koi & pimps.

cody & i went and visited a friend on the south hill who has this amazing yard, complete with a huge koi pond. cody loved feeding these foot long monsters. i thought for a minute that these would be a cool pet. i had no idea that fish hibernate in the winter like bears or somthing, even in this freezing place called spokane... they just cover the pond and the fish go to sleep in the bottom.

...oh, & the other day we were in value village and they already had out all of this halloween stuff. these guys came running around the corner wearing these ridiculous hats. i don't think they realized they were reserved for pimps only.


Forever Young said...
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Forever Young said...

Gorgeous yard. Ashton and I are considering Washington as a place to live once he is done with school in year (or two if he is getting his masters). Do like living in WA?

Forever Young said...

Thanks for all of the advice, and Ashton and I are really going to try to make it up there this year:)