Monday, September 29, 2008

after watching tom & jerry episodes all of the time...

cody:mama, can mice be pets?
mama:ummm, mice have germs & stuff..
cody:well I really want to get a pet mouse. i like their tails. they’re so cute. we can just cut a hole in the wall for the mouse to live in and get stuff. and i could give it pieces of garbage to build its house.
cody: it would be so nice to let it have a hole in the wall… to be its mice house.
mama:you would rather have a mouse than a dog?
cody: no, but way more than a cat.

friday saturday sunday i...

..watched nights of rodanthe with some friends kera (who is the cutest pregnant girl i have ever seen) and janae. it completly reminded me of a remake of the bridges of madison county.

..tried to get caught up on season 2 of hero's. since season 3 started last week.
(i'm not a huge fan of network tv, but i LOVE this show. especially when i can watch the whole season on disc at midnight. kami & jared always end up buying seasons on disc...awesome.)

...watched speedracer about 100 times. one of cody's new favorites...

...went to hatties birthday party at wonderland (kind of like scandia in sacramento, minus the gangstas...) after being to about a million parties at chucky cheese and savageland (which thank goodness, is no longer...) wonderland was definitely a step up.

...we especially liked the racecars ( did you know that racecar is a palindrome by the way?)

...lots of playing with the camera and editing pictures for both work & fun. i seriously love this thing.
..and discovering the i really love the kings of leon's music. (thanks to merv-the-great)

super busy this week with...

::a first time ever group photoshoot with my vintage models...hope it turns out.

::the never ending ebay junk....

::putting together a new california-closetish set-up for codys room

::trying to FINALLY get all my pictures & house decorations put back up on the walls

::helping out at codys school.

::convincing mom to walk with me in the mornings because i feel like a slug.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

dr issues.

my pediatricans office (spokane valleys young peoples clinic) has been driving me crazy for quite a while now. we had issues when cody has his ear drum surgery and also with some other things and today they wouldn't sign a release form for cody to have juice/water in place of milk at school during hot lunch due to an allergy...long story. i've never been happy with them.
they are really lame and it is now time to find a new one.
does anyone have any suggestions??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


cody LOVES pickles...almost as much as pumpkin pie. the other day we were grocery shopping and he saw some of the cute little pickling cucumbers in the produce dept. he asked if we could buy some to make pickles and i told him that grandma lana was probably already growing some that we could make pickles out of.
sure enough, she was. she must have known we were coming cause they were sitting on the counter in a bucket...

nothing quite like making homemade pickles with grandma.
he wanted to eat them right away but grandma said he has to wait about 6 weeks.

also, i had a dr. apt today... still no news on what sex the baby is.

i don't get my ultrasound for 3 more weeks... nuts. :(

Monday, September 22, 2008


my very brave sister arah had an amazing article posted in the paper today. it can read it here. i am very proud of her. i'm certain i would not have been able to handle her situation as well.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

arahs baby shower.

we decided that arah more than deserved a baby shower, so last night we had one for her. she is well loved and received lots of cute baby girl goodies. my good friend pam (who i some how managed not to get a clear picture of last night...) let us hold it at her house. she has the wonderful talent of making food look amazing. her bbqs , christmas parties and halloween parties can't be beat. her & her husband should seriously start a catering co. it was awesome, beautiful and yummy. especially these little brownie bites. :) we missed everyone who couldn't make it and would have loved to get our sister corinne (who is also pregnant) in the belly shot. ;)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


an old friend of mine, spencer & his cute wife allison came for a last minute dinner. it was great to see them and catch up on life. he hasn't changed a bit. i forgot to get a picture, so i stole this one from their blog. i don't think they would mind. it suits them both well. spencer isn't really 50 years old. he just likes to dress like he is sometimes.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


i just read this article from newsweek about school aged boys and it was really interesting. especially the comments like this one:
"As the mother of a boy diagnosed with ADHD & ODD, I couldn't agree more! Most of the issues my son has is a direct result of being a boy. Nothing more! But the school insisted something else was going on. While we did find that there were some legitamite issue. But the major concerns the school had weren't the issues he was diagnosed with. They wouldn't let him be a boy..."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

canon vs nikon.

i've been having a serious hankering for seafood lately while i've been pregnant. not just any seafood but mostly crab legs...i have no idea why (and i hope the thought if that doesn't make my pregnant sister arah sick, who hates seafood of any kind.) maybe its because everytime i turn on the tv theres some kind of a red lobster commerical or something. so last night merv and i went to get some. i must be a complete idiot but every time i try to eat those things, i'm sitting there breaking them apart and shooting crab bits all over the place. and then you get hardly anything out of them after all of that work and your hands reek for the rest of the night, so it's mostly just frustrating.... but it cured the undying craving.
then we went and got dessert at the infamous dockside restaurant over in
cour d'alene, id.

perfect timing cause the sun was setting & the main reason of wanted to go over there was to test out this new camera i bought. i've been coveting 2 of my sisters (arah & kami) slr cameras for quite some time now. i'm always hoggin arahs camera so i can play around with it. and i would probaby hog kami's too if she didn't live so far away. arah has the nikon and kami has the canon and i love them both. i've been doing a ton of research. and it's pretty much just a matter of preference. they are both awesome cameras. i really needed to upgrade my camera for work reasons as well as just because i love photography. (i fly through digital point and shoot cameras like crazy....) so, i went down to huppins to check them out some more and ended up with the canon eos 40d with a couple of lenses as well. i love it, but i had no idea how expensive a hobby could be. i didn't know that the lenses could be more than the camera. i can see why they are incredibly addicting. i am addicted. they do some awesome stuff. anyway. merv & i were just playing around taking pictures over there and testing this thing out.

this picture suits merv well. he is a little black sheep.

then i found this one of my ever expanding gut and butt and upon closer inspection, discoverd that i had captured a tiny man. i was talking to a friend and she said, "when i get pregnant i think my head gets bigger...", i feel the same way.

and merv insisted i catch a few of him flying...

ps. if you want to test out the yearbook pics from the previous post,
go here.

Monday, September 8, 2008


his sexual predator times...

and his superinendent days...

& this slimming hairstyle was created out of inspiration from my mother... who wore it much better.
(holy crap, she really reminds me of my cousin kaisa here.)