Monday, September 29, 2008

after watching tom & jerry episodes all of the time...

cody:mama, can mice be pets?
mama:ummm, mice have germs & stuff..
cody:well I really want to get a pet mouse. i like their tails. they’re so cute. we can just cut a hole in the wall for the mouse to live in and get stuff. and i could give it pieces of garbage to build its house.
cody: it would be so nice to let it have a hole in the wall… to be its mice house.
mama:you would rather have a mouse than a dog?
cody: no, but way more than a cat.


Darla said...

first of all, your hair is getting so long!! It grows so dang fast! Should I take prenatals as well? You look beautiful.

Forever Young said...

Hilarious. Could Cody be any sweeter?