Wednesday, September 10, 2008

canon vs nikon.

i've been having a serious hankering for seafood lately while i've been pregnant. not just any seafood but mostly crab legs...i have no idea why (and i hope the thought if that doesn't make my pregnant sister arah sick, who hates seafood of any kind.) maybe its because everytime i turn on the tv theres some kind of a red lobster commerical or something. so last night merv and i went to get some. i must be a complete idiot but every time i try to eat those things, i'm sitting there breaking them apart and shooting crab bits all over the place. and then you get hardly anything out of them after all of that work and your hands reek for the rest of the night, so it's mostly just frustrating.... but it cured the undying craving.
then we went and got dessert at the infamous dockside restaurant over in
cour d'alene, id.

perfect timing cause the sun was setting & the main reason of wanted to go over there was to test out this new camera i bought. i've been coveting 2 of my sisters (arah & kami) slr cameras for quite some time now. i'm always hoggin arahs camera so i can play around with it. and i would probaby hog kami's too if she didn't live so far away. arah has the nikon and kami has the canon and i love them both. i've been doing a ton of research. and it's pretty much just a matter of preference. they are both awesome cameras. i really needed to upgrade my camera for work reasons as well as just because i love photography. (i fly through digital point and shoot cameras like crazy....) so, i went down to huppins to check them out some more and ended up with the canon eos 40d with a couple of lenses as well. i love it, but i had no idea how expensive a hobby could be. i didn't know that the lenses could be more than the camera. i can see why they are incredibly addicting. i am addicted. they do some awesome stuff. anyway. merv & i were just playing around taking pictures over there and testing this thing out.

this picture suits merv well. he is a little black sheep.

then i found this one of my ever expanding gut and butt and upon closer inspection, discoverd that i had captured a tiny man. i was talking to a friend and she said, "when i get pregnant i think my head gets bigger...", i feel the same way.

and merv insisted i catch a few of him flying...

ps. if you want to test out the yearbook pics from the previous post,
go here.


Josh and Betsie said...

cute belly

DeAnne said...

i love your butt and gut. I think yer hot! ;o)

Kera said...

i'm so jealous. i went to huppins today and spent like an hour looking at the 40D. then i came home and looked at lenses online for about an hour. i've got my wish list, but it's got to wait a little longer.

Kera said...
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