Monday, September 29, 2008

friday saturday sunday i...

..watched nights of rodanthe with some friends kera (who is the cutest pregnant girl i have ever seen) and janae. it completly reminded me of a remake of the bridges of madison county.

..tried to get caught up on season 2 of hero's. since season 3 started last week.
(i'm not a huge fan of network tv, but i LOVE this show. especially when i can watch the whole season on disc at midnight. kami & jared always end up buying seasons on disc...awesome.)

...watched speedracer about 100 times. one of cody's new favorites...

...went to hatties birthday party at wonderland (kind of like scandia in sacramento, minus the gangstas...) after being to about a million parties at chucky cheese and savageland (which thank goodness, is no longer...) wonderland was definitely a step up.

...we especially liked the racecars ( did you know that racecar is a palindrome by the way?)

...lots of playing with the camera and editing pictures for both work & fun. i seriously love this thing.
..and discovering the i really love the kings of leon's music. (thanks to merv-the-great)

super busy this week with...

::a first time ever group photoshoot with my vintage models...hope it turns out.

::the never ending ebay junk....

::putting together a new california-closetish set-up for codys room

::trying to FINALLY get all my pictures & house decorations put back up on the walls

::helping out at codys school.

::convincing mom to walk with me in the mornings because i feel like a slug.

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Lana said...

OK, I'll go walking with you, but just because I'm the queen of slugs.