Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treat.

baking & decorating cupcakes is not my speciality. i created the most hideous cupcakes the world has ever know for cody's school party this afternoon. but to make up for it, i made some super rad goodie bags to hand out too. cody requested candy corn decorations so we came to an agreement by adding reeses peices since most people hate candy corn. happy halloween!
(...or harvest fest as cody's school call it....whatever.)

feast your eyes on these festive pictures from our latest punkin-gettin' adventure:
(cody and brinley mostly liked picking up pumpkins and moving them to a new spot...)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

halloween part 2. tri-clops.

saturday we went to the trunk or treat party with arah & brinley. unfortunately, matt was sick. merv really wanted to be charlie the unicorn,
but i changed his mind when i found the idea to be a set of eyeballs online. when cody saw the costume he wanted to be an eyeball too- so we three became a triclops. (and anyone who knows cody, know just how hard it is to get him to wear a costume, no matter how hard i prod, beg or plea...)

easy as pie to make, especially if you can find the felt with a sticky back. arah and merv made the back of arahs van look super spooky and we had the best trunk for sure....
arah came dressd as a 9 month pregnant lady and brinley was batcat from charlie & lola.
then we headed over to the phelps annual halloween party. super accomadating for us showing up super late. these guys know how to throw a party. they have the best decorations and food, whether its a luau, christmas party or whatever the occasion. cody winning big at the apple bobbing game...
great job on the haunted house & decor...
i LOVED the coffin holding the food...
and i was a little obsessed with this guy...
i need to get one or maybe they can just leave him to me in the will.
update: i guess i should note that the mass amount of toilet paper was for a mummy game and not because everyone had diarreah. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

lo lo lo lo lola.

we've been throwing names around for awhile. we had one picked out for sure if it was a boy: gage beetle. in honor of my brother and sister in law. they were going use this to name the boy they ever ended up having and gave up after the last of 4 girls. we loved it. but now boy names are out.

names are pretty important. we aren't huge fans of giving a kid a name that no one can pronounce or spell. and one the kid will constantly have to correct people with. ( i see this A LOT helping at codys school) it seems that more and more people will give the baby a some what normal name but a super odd spelling with extra letters.

i was a little hesitant about posting any of my ideas on here for fear someone else might use them. but when you have a gob of first cousins that happens anyway. you just have to be creative. :) there are already mulitple dupicates between the families. makaelas(sp), megans, camilles, james, and there many julies & julias (because its the best name ever of course...) and somehow my cousin and i both ended up with a cody.

i like a few family names. esther (for a middle name) or kami/cambria. and i love the name lola (which isn't a family name at all). cody loves it to from the charlie and lola cartoons. he already told us the baby is going to be named lola. it's growing on merv too.

only problem is the kink's song
(which i never realized was about a transvestite until merv informed me):
"well I’m not the world’s most masculine man
but I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man
and so is lola
lo-lo-lo-lo lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola
lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola..."

it kind of gives it a stripper-esque reference maybe? actually when i think of a stripper name i think of diamond, lexis, candy or destiny.... no's to all of those.

these are some we like:

lola jane or lola quinn

not so sure of middle names yet

what do you think? take your pick to the right...

Friday, October 24, 2008

baby ghost.

i couldn't resist when i saw this newborn baby ghost costume and had to get it. so just in case baby sarah is born before halloween, she'll have a costume to wear. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

the phantom of the opera.

i guess this makes me incredibly uncultured in the arts department, but i've never been to a real play. like broadway style. just plenty of concerts and movies. last night kera called to say she had an extra ticket to go see the phantom of the opera and if i wanted to go with her tonight. it's been in town for a few weeks. of course, i did. and it was so awesome! one of my favorite parts was the giant chandalier that floated to the middle of the theater and crashed on the floor. i need to rent the movie now and get some more background. i'm so lame, i brought my camera- but no battery...nice. thank for taking me kera!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


if you are into documentaries, you have got to see expelled by ben stein. it just came out on dvd and we rented it. i've always thought he was a genius (even before my encounter with him at the airport...) and this proves it further. no mater what religious or philosophical beliefs you have- it is totally worth watching. (i reccomend doing it when you don't have many distractions because it takes some least it did for me.)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

pinecones owls.

i was browsing through the wondertime magazine at a dr. apt and found this little owl craft. super easy and quick. the kids loved it. all you need are some pinecones, (brinely gathered plenty while we were waiting for cody to get out of class) and some feathers, felt and mini puff balls. i used hot glue just to make it even easier.

i'm thinking about suggesting it for cody's halloween "harvest" party at school since they aren't actually allowed to make anything having to do with halloween.

fall time hike.

..cody especially liked the part where we found a snake and he found a rock perch to hang out on...

sushi is good.

merv and i went out to get sushi at a yummi place downtown (..that i totally recommend) called raw...
and then to see a play at interplayers for his class, which was a complete change of scenery for us. we're more into movies and stuff like that. but it was really fun and i think we're going to try and go back to see another one called the reduced christmas carol.

it was fun & yummy. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

girl baby.

i had my ultrasound apt today and discovered that we are having a baby of the girl type!! i was so suprised, but happy! we were happy that the the ultrasound showed everything developing and growing well and all arms, fingers, limbs, eyes etc were in the right place. i thought for sure it was a boy but i was wrong. i will admit that the thought of raising a girl, correctly, does scare the crap out of me. this means that both of my pregnant sisters and i will all be having girls within 4 months time. yay!! i've been dressing up all of my neices since jasmine was a baby and now i can buy my own girl hair pretty things and all of those cute tights i love.

..and think of a girl name. we have a few names we like but nothing for sure.

"i should'a known you'd have a girl..." seven brides for seven brothers.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


cody LOVES to watch americas funniest home videos. by far one of his favorite show. he gets the really deep laugh when he watches it. it's worth watching it just to seem him do that. so,we were watching it when a clip came up with a big brother (about 2 ½-3) and an 8 month old infant baby brother. they were sitting together to take a picture and as soon as the picture was over the big brother pushed the baby brother over and the baby just rolled…..

me: poor baby, that was sad.
cody: no, it wasn’t sad mom. the baby likes to be pushed by the bigger kids, because it rolls- that’s how it moves. it can’t walk yet.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

this is great.

my brother in law showed this snl skit to me tonight and i can't get over how hilarious it is. it sums up my feelings pretty well. if you haven't had the pleasure, i highly reccommend it. especially when it gets to the "deadbeat" and the "non-credit-worthy-person" around 4 minutes...

closet organizer.

with me working from home and with merv working all day and at school all night, we're spread pretty thin. but there are still tons of projects we've been trying to get done to prepare for a new baby human in our lives. one of them was to get cody's closet changed over to leave more space in his room to play and not have to mess with bulky dressers. my dad took some time this week (during his vacation time, by the way...) to help me put in a closet organizer in his room (in exchange for chocolate as payment...) and i LOVE it!! so much more space and so much more oragnized. i really wish i would have taken a before picture. i think i'm going to go get a couple of more drawers to ad to it. i thought maybe the baskets would be a little easier for cody to mangage for now. i love it beacuse you can move it around and ad to it as your needs change. i wasn't sure what we would be the most practical because the closet is pretty small, but you just go on to their website and punch in th e dimensions and they give you virtual options with what kits to by. it's kind of like the home depot version of california closets, but a lot less money. i've still got to figure out if i want to put up doors or get a sliding canvas cover in place of a door. thanks so much dad. this was a huge relief to get this project done. i'm lucky to have the best dad in the universe around who seriously knows how to do just about everything. i appreciate you more all of the time.