Thursday, October 9, 2008

closet organizer.

with me working from home and with merv working all day and at school all night, we're spread pretty thin. but there are still tons of projects we've been trying to get done to prepare for a new baby human in our lives. one of them was to get cody's closet changed over to leave more space in his room to play and not have to mess with bulky dressers. my dad took some time this week (during his vacation time, by the way...) to help me put in a closet organizer in his room (in exchange for chocolate as payment...) and i LOVE it!! so much more space and so much more oragnized. i really wish i would have taken a before picture. i think i'm going to go get a couple of more drawers to ad to it. i thought maybe the baskets would be a little easier for cody to mangage for now. i love it beacuse you can move it around and ad to it as your needs change. i wasn't sure what we would be the most practical because the closet is pretty small, but you just go on to their website and punch in th e dimensions and they give you virtual options with what kits to by. it's kind of like the home depot version of california closets, but a lot less money. i've still got to figure out if i want to put up doors or get a sliding canvas cover in place of a door. thanks so much dad. this was a huge relief to get this project done. i'm lucky to have the best dad in the universe around who seriously knows how to do just about everything. i appreciate you more all of the time.


Arah said... looks really good. I bet Cody is happy to have all of that room to play with blocks and legos.

CrazyMomof7 said...

Wow that looks great. Will he leave it that clean and organized?

Forever Young said...

I want one for my closet.