Sunday, October 12, 2008


cody LOVES to watch americas funniest home videos. by far one of his favorite show. he gets the really deep laugh when he watches it. it's worth watching it just to seem him do that. so,we were watching it when a clip came up with a big brother (about 2 ½-3) and an 8 month old infant baby brother. they were sitting together to take a picture and as soon as the picture was over the big brother pushed the baby brother over and the baby just rolled…..

me: poor baby, that was sad.
cody: no, it wasn’t sad mom. the baby likes to be pushed by the bigger kids, because it rolls- that’s how it moves. it can’t walk yet.


Cori said...

i love america's fhv. I love Cody's little phrases, he's so funny.

CrazyMomof7 said...

So funny.

Darla said...

So funny! When ARE you gonna know what this baby is???