Saturday, October 25, 2008

lo lo lo lo lola.

we've been throwing names around for awhile. we had one picked out for sure if it was a boy: gage beetle. in honor of my brother and sister in law. they were going use this to name the boy they ever ended up having and gave up after the last of 4 girls. we loved it. but now boy names are out.

names are pretty important. we aren't huge fans of giving a kid a name that no one can pronounce or spell. and one the kid will constantly have to correct people with. ( i see this A LOT helping at codys school) it seems that more and more people will give the baby a some what normal name but a super odd spelling with extra letters.

i was a little hesitant about posting any of my ideas on here for fear someone else might use them. but when you have a gob of first cousins that happens anyway. you just have to be creative. :) there are already mulitple dupicates between the families. makaelas(sp), megans, camilles, james, and there many julies & julias (because its the best name ever of course...) and somehow my cousin and i both ended up with a cody.

i like a few family names. esther (for a middle name) or kami/cambria. and i love the name lola (which isn't a family name at all). cody loves it to from the charlie and lola cartoons. he already told us the baby is going to be named lola. it's growing on merv too.

only problem is the kink's song
(which i never realized was about a transvestite until merv informed me):
"well I’m not the world’s most masculine man
but I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man
and so is lola
lo-lo-lo-lo lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola
lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola..."

it kind of gives it a stripper-esque reference maybe? actually when i think of a stripper name i think of diamond, lexis, candy or destiny.... no's to all of those.

these are some we like:

lola jane or lola quinn

not so sure of middle names yet

what do you think? take your pick to the right...


Josh n Betsie said...

I really like the name lola. HOW CUTE! And quinn is such a unique name and my favorite quinn in the whole world is my sister.

Arah said...

we had this discussion earlier today, and I like Lola Jane. Lola Quinn is cute too, of course I know a Quinn and she is adorable and I love her to death.
Plus, when I think of Lola, I think of the cartoon, not a stripper.
I will have to show you the episode of BatCat. That is where Brinley got her costume from, funny kid. She sang the song all the way home from Pam and Larry's house.

Darla said...

Lola's perfect. I LOVE that cartoon. My friend adopted twins from Vietnam and named them Darby and Lyla. Cute huh?? Lyla? Hey, they live in Virginia, they'd NEVER know. Anyway, I also have a friend who's daughter's name is Reece. Way cute, as well.

CrazyMomof7 said...

I think that Lola Jane is very cute and flows with your last name. I like your other names too.

Kami said...

As partial as I am to Kami/Kambria bit, I suggest you go with Lola. I would happily suggest to combine the two but Lola Kami does not go together.

Marley is cute, but for some reason I think of a dog when I think of this name. It might do with that book about a guy and his dog.

Lola Reece kind of goes.

But I think you should go with the Lola. You've been talking about that name since before you were pregnant if you ever had a girl, so if you can talk Merv into it, go for it.

The Davis Fam said...

I love the name lola. And Esther is of course the best middle name ever :)

DeAnne said...

well i of course like kate, but i could totally see you with a lola. it's totally different and unique and super cool. i also like jane. if i have another girl, she will most likely be jane. isn't it fun pickin out names!

Lana said...

Of course you could always name her "Sally Jane". HeHe HEEE!!!

Jon and Maryanne said...

Well....I am a little partial to Kambria as the middle name....since that is my daughters name! :) I love the name Lola! I even love Lyla too as one of your other friends suggested. Any name you pick will be beautiful! :)

Marnie said...

I just watched that cartoon for the first time the other day. Lola is cute.

Kera said...

Haidyn was ALMOST a Reese! I love that name and love Lola too. Maybe I could see you being named Lola and so I voted for that one :) cute cute.

Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

I'm casting a vote for Lola Jane. Hopefully she'll have a British accent too.